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middle finger, elbow, shoulder pain

HI, I'm 52 I've been struggling with pain in my middle fingers, elbow pain and shoulder. I was diagnosed with tennis elbow and had my tendon reattached. However, the pain consist and I recently had an EMG test with came back negative. Its going on 4 years of shots, therapy and surgery with no results. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you, Marianne

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Big OW.

Fingers....Have they ruled out Carpal tunnel in your hands?

Elbow.... I had 'golfers' elbow for years having jags every few years then my physio did ultra sound. I had 3 sessions end of pain and nothing for over 4 years.

Shoulder.....My hands have a tendancy to jump for no apparent reason. Test have shown trapped nerve in base of my neck which they won't operate on.

So there's an assortment of things it might be if that helps.

Pat x

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no carpal tunnel - only thing I've been diagnosed with so far is torn tendon which had to be reattached. But still continue to have the same pain


You know they do EMG so fast! I had a 2nd one done and Dr. Said oops! I missed that! Ended up being Ulnar nerve needed repair which had symptoms of carpel tunnel. I had no problems for 6 yrs until arthritis took over. Ask for 2nd opinion. My surgeon told me the results are subjective. I pray you get answers and relief!!!


You say: " EMG test with came back negative". This means things below the placing of the needle is okay. The EMG test cannot comment on the situation nearer the spine than the needle.

Get an MRI scan of the neck. It could be pressure on the nerve roots. See a Chiropractor to check for muscle spasms in the neck and shoulder blade area. Spasm in the shoulder blade area will pull vertebrae on to the nerve roots.

It will be worth seeing an Alexander teacher to get help to improve hoe you use your muscles.

Hope this helps.


I was a data entry clerk for 30 years and am unable to continue with this line of work because of the pain. My doctor is telling me its work related, but I'm worried about losing my job and now on medical leave. I did have an MRI of my elbow which indicated the torn tendon, but never on my spine. Seems I keep getting the runaround because the doctor feels his surgery should of worked. Now seeking a new doctor.

Thanks for your help, will talk with my doctor at my next appt.


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