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Tender spot head pain

Hi everyone i have had tender spot of head pain on the back of my head it comes and goes and sometimes stays for days it hurts a little bit even when i don't touch it it's giving me anxiety! I have tinnitus as well in one ear my left ear. The doctors aren't saying much. I did have an MRI last year everything was fine but this tender pain like a bruise pain when I touch it is freaking me out. I feel like my head has a heart beat it pulsates it's driving me crazy anyone feel the same or know anything about it my doctors seem to keep brushing it off

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Doesn't sou d like anything I have had but I do have odd tender spots with no know cause. If it's not getting worse , or spreading and the doctors don't seem worried it's possible that you are aggravating a previous cut or bruise by constantly going back to touch it. That is something we all do. Don't touch it for about 3 days. See if it's improving. If not maybe ask your doctor again.



That sounds like a trigger point. When you touch it does it refer pain? If so it's a trigger point. Massaging it and ice typically help. Sometimes this is casuses by issues with the jaw or neck. Do you grind? If so, you should see a dentist for a night guard, it could help both with your tinnitus and trigger point.


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