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Soreness & Tender

Not sure if my question is about pain. My hubby has been sore & tender around his tummy where tops of trousers or boxers are. He is in agony & can't sleep.

He tries to describe it but it is hard to understand he says" it's not pain just very very sore"

There are no visible signs. He has had it for about 4 weeks as been to Drs a few times, been tonight and been given Amitriptyline which I am concerned about him taking

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Has he had shingles? I'm no expert but this can cause pain in that area - although I think you get a rash as well. The pain can go on for a long time with it.

Amitriptyline is given for this kind of nerve pain, even though it's an antidepressant. It can take a couple of weeks to work sometimes, and you have to take it as prescribed, not just when you have pain like you would with something like paracetamol, because it builds up in your system.

If you have worries about him taking it, it would be a good idea to speak to a pharmacist for some reassurrance & advice. If it's not helping, go back to the GP because there are lots of other medications to try -it's often the first one they prescribe.

Good luck


Thanks for reply. He hasn't had shingles, It's very hard for anyone to understand what he means when describing it, it's not pain or a burning sensation. It as now moved down his groin aswell. He as taken 2 tablets but when he got up this morning he went back to sleep on the sofa, luckily he woke in time for work.


Does you husband wear a belt to keep his trousers up, or are his underpants over tight.around the waist I know this may sound strange. Some times this is the problem say has he put on a bit ofweight.

The problem arises when the elastic tightens this can irritate the belly botton area so can a blt that is to tight, If the trouser gripper is tight this can cause problems as well . Sometimes when sitting down at night trousers can dig inn causing this, please do not curse the messenger as this happened to me, Get him too loosen trousers or slacken his belt while sitting and check his underpants they too small

Some problems are strange but all are worth a try. If it is not that then look elsewear, you will see a red mark around the belly button if this is the problem



Thanks for your concern. That was my first thought but it seems internal, he as made another apt to see Dr so hopefully he will get sorted. Because he really can't stand it much longer.


Hello again. Thanks for your concerns. Cutting a long story short. The latest is he has had xray which was ok. (was sent for another one 3 weeks later but couldn't have it because it was too soon) Pain so bad went to A/E Dr did a scan and examined him, asked what job he did, which is lifting heavy objects said it could be a muscle strain and not to go to work, went to Drs again sent for bllood test. Blood tests clear then another Dr asked him for a sample of urine, he's got diabetes!!!!,

Today been to an Ortherpeadic clinic? nothing wrong with bones forgot to say he's lost over 3 stones since June, lady at clinic said maybe a muscle strain because of losing so much weight and havind diabetes for perhaps a long time, anyway if it gets no better she will refer him to a pain clinic, so seems he's just got to suffer in silence!!!!.


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