my boyfriend have catiter connected to his bladder, 3 months already, and the doctor said it safe to have that for 1 to two months, but he got infected. He cant sit for even 30 second and when his laying his right leg start to give him pain he cant laydown as well. his always irritated now. both doctor is saying he have bone infection and urine infection. My question is is there any solution for his sitting and laying problem because even pain killer is not helping him. i feel sorry everytime i saw him. Please help me.

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  • Hi - we aren't medical doctors here so we can't advise but if he has a UTI (infection) then he needs to see a doctor soon. My dad gets this and it needs treating urgently. Please get him to a doctor soon.

  • we seen a lot of doctors...we know his condition, i am just asking how i can help him to lessen the pain because he cant even sleep properly.

  • darling i wish i could help i feel your anguish. its lovely that he has someone who cares so much for him, sorry i cant say any more, love grace xoxo

  • thank you. i just hope you can pray for him. thank you so much.

  • He needs to go back to the doctor and tell them he needs stronger pain killers until it gets better. Only a doctor can help him at this time.

  • I can't suggest anything I am afraid. So sorry. He really needs to discuss the pain with his doctor.

    Best of luck


  • thanks a lot.

  • Your GP should be able to help here, we are unable to respond as we are not medically trained

  • My Father had same for seven years

    You need to talk to your GP, we are unable to advise on medical matters

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