Yikes what a month !!

Good evening everyone, I have not been on here for a while. I had a bad fall at the end of August and broke 2 ribs and had tissue damage. I lost my balance and then tripped over a flower pot and landed hard on my right side. Took a really long time for all of it to heal and I am still some pain. Then about a week ago I was down the hall and went to go around a corner when a parent ran into me. As a witness said my feet were taken right out from under me and I went down hitting the back of my head on a bench and then the cement floor. Ended up with a concussion and whip lash. Also had facet injections that did not go as well as the doc was hoping. I am not sure if I made my back issue worse but it is sure hurting on the side I landed on. I am hoping WCB will pay my lost wages but not sure yet. My husbands work has been so slow that money is really tight. Next week I am having foot surgery so I could really do with some positive thoughts. Anyways thankyou for reading this super long post and for letting me ramble on.


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  • Hi janice ive been there!! Its a chance to just step in life and take a deep breath and slow down. You can smile when it will all be past very soon!!

  • Grizzly7168 What a dreadful time you're having, and yet your positivity shines through - strong woman. I hope your foot surgery goes well and that all the pain improves as quickly as possible.

    Sending you gentle hugs.

    Anna xxx

  • Hi jenice,

    So sorry to hear you had all this dreaful life.

    Hope you will get better after your surgery soon!

  • I can sympathise with you! After being in hospital for 5 weeks in Jan/Feb with shingles on my sciatic nerve I now have a dropped foot and wear a splint, but my foot is very unstable and my balance is poor so I am always tripping up. I fell on the road last week and badly bruised the knee on my other leg, so I'm feeling VERY fed up! One thing seems to lead to another, doesn't i?! Hope things start to improve very soon .

  • Oh my goodness anneparn sounds like you are having quite a time also. I will be praying for a speedy recovery for you.


  • You poor dear! I feel so badly for you with everything you have going on. Just wanted to let you know that my thoughts and prayers will be with you.

    Warmest Regards, Connie

  • Hi,

    I so empathise with you. I had a nasty fall last year in May and broke the end off my elbow. I had surgery the same day to wire it up as it was an open wound and docs were worried about infection. A few weeks later I was back in theatre having the wires removed because of infection! I had just had my second foot operation a few weeks before. My fall left me with a massive haematoma on my left thigh and my GP removed half a pint of blood from it. When he helped me from the couch, he noticed my bad balance and referred me to a balance class at the local hospital. It was a 12 week course once a week and my balance has definitely improved. Try asking your doc for a referral. I'm in Devon, England but I'm sure there must be classes elsewhere.

    Good luck, Gems16

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