fed up with pain

I've had pain for so long you would think I'm used to it after 15 years. got spondylitis cervical spine had 2 operations to relieve root nerves. had multiple fractures to lumber spine 15 yrs ago. so cronic pain constant on loads of pain killers have been for years. done something to my back about 3 or 4 months ago then fell off step ladder about 4 or 5 weeks ago and can hardly move now. took tramidol and dyhidrocodien for couple of weeks but made me float sky high and hated it. taking codeine aswell as usual Meds at mo but just don't work. just had MRI appointment for 17th next month. think they may operate this time. on top of all that I have cfs and fibro. feel like someone up their hates me. who else feels like this. writing this led on sofa scared to move.lol. no funny though really

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  • Constant pain is utterly dreadful and changes one's whole life. I feel for you. I can hardly walk let alone go up a step ladder! Hope things go well for you and that you get some pain relief.

  • thank you.x

  • Hi Chazwiitch, yes I can sympathise completely, in terms of time wise compared with my self you are the new kid on the block! Double it add a few more years and that is me. I know it does not matter if its months or years there is nothing funny about sever pain, it's the unknown that others can not see. A few years ago I met a retired nurse at an army reunion, she ask me what I had so I told her, she said she suffered the same also said whilst working as a nurse she thought she knew what pain was, not until she retired then it really hit her badly, it was then she realised what people really went through.

    I feel the winter blues coming on in my bones and joints, yesterday was really bad thumping headaches,rise in temperature dry mouth all joints painful and mussel cramps last night, I certainly did not sign up for a life time of pain, over the years it is if I have become allergic to everything prescribed.

  • yes I'm sensitive to a few drug prescribed by the doc now. I've had the back pain for 15 years this pain is where I fell off a step ladder. so injured my delicate completed spine. d9c say what you doing up a step ladder. who else is going to do the stuff that needs doing. plus I have OCD which affects me when I'm told to rest my mental illness is fighting saying clean clean. so I end up making my injury worse. it's a joke really if I don't laugh I will cry.x

  • Hermes123. Hi chazwitch many years ago I had been painting the rear of my house using an extension ladder, as i came down to the patio missed the last wrung and my ankle bent under me at 90. degrees. Wow was that painful and I have suffered with it ever since. Well today at last after numerous phone calls I am having both elbows sorted out and a Carpel Tunnel operation on my right wrist, will find out when on Thursday. One is suppose to have an electrical sensitivity reading of 40.per cent, mine is 27. per cent.

    No wonder it is painful on top of three areas of the spine, neck hurts to turn as well as hips knees and ankles, have I left anything out I don't think so, it is all about what order do I get sorted first.

  • hermes123 omg I'm in so much pain still today and got oralmorph diazapam and tramadol plus my normal daily meds. think I'm gonna have to go to hospital like doctor said. give it a day to kick in. but if this hasn't worked yet don't hold out much hope. I had multiple lumbar crushed fractures 15 years ago. still don't get easier just worse.

  • exactly have we left anything out its so much it makes you feel like that. I'm glad your treatmentsearch are all falling into place for you now. like mine now they listened after two year off me complaining about this symptom in middle of my back.x

  • Hi chazwitch.

    I feel your pain I've suffered from chronic pain for 20yrs and its damn right depressing. My problem is with my knees, back, and shoulders. The pain is so intense every single day 24/7. I take a concoction of drugs on a daily basis 2 of which are Morphine tablets and fentynal patches. Can your gp not jig about with your medication to give you something different for the pain. Chronic pain is blinking awful, I would love too wake up on a morning pain free for just 1 day I won't be greedy.

    Hope I got some joy at your next gp appointment. Debbs

  • hey debs

    yeah just one day. all the meds are doing are making off my head. maybe if I keep taking the at regular intervals they may work. maybe I might wake up in no pain crossed fingers touch wood and all that.x

  • Hi chazwitch.

    How ya feeling today?

    So have you been on the same meds for a long time?Our bodies get immune to medication after a while, which if that's the case then u may benefit from a change of meds. It's been trial and error to get where I am today with mine. Are you in the uk? An have you got an understanding gp. One day we may get our wish of being pain free. (Fingers crossed )Thing is technology is advancing.

    Hope u are feeling ok.


  • hiya Debs

    sorry not spoke. for ages. just had the most disturbing room any of us could have. the most recent pain has now been put down to cancer in my spine but has spread there from so they are looking to see if there is somewhere it had spread from.x

  • Hi chat witch.

    I'm so sorry to hear your sad news😢. Have they caught it early and what is there plan of action?

    I'll keep my fingers crossed for you that it hasn't spread further.

    Good luck. Debbs. Xx

  • hiya

    had my ct scan yesterday I have terminal cancer it has spread from my lungs to my spine. I am seeing cancer specialist today and also being treated for a blood clothes on my lungs. they say I will be treated with chemo for lungs and radiotherapy on my spine to try make me comfortable enough to go home but not until I have all the help at home. plus all the appropriate adaptions including a disabled bay. sorry it bad news but got to be strong and enjoy life as it's too short.


  • Hi charmaine.

    Im so so sorry to hear that your cancer has spread. 😢..Damn u cancer😠it's about bloody time they found a cure. Instead of sending millions of pounds to these 3rd world countries (sorry if think I'm wrong),but people in our own country need help first. There should be fighting this damn cancer and other illnesses that are out there that take our loved ones. 😢 . Hope they make you comfortable and chemo and radio aren't too invasive. Have you got family around u that can help you?So have they started your treatment?

    Feel free to(personal message me) whenever you want a chat. Take care Debbs. Xx

  • late reply not a bad day so far. but got a rise and recliners chair and got district nurse coming to give my blood thinners injection daily and urgent occupational health care once a day for 3 days then starts 3x day from next week as been really struggling.

  • Ask for butrans patch they are quite good I was the same as you I'm on the 30 patch now

  • hi i think the specialist going to put me on the arch they have been tyang out. ££ cost lots but far Lees than in ok

  • I've felt like this a lot, I am so fed up being in pain all the time but people think you should be used to it after 10 + years and pfft I don't. I was put on duloxetine 90 mcg/mg ( whatever it is) a few years ago as it helps with pain but is also an anti depressant. I guess it helps a bit but I'm on that much pain relief they can't even up it it as I'd be zombiefied ( doubt it myself I'm not even spaced on the mess I have) I'm waiting for physio pain clinic AGAIN as they added fibro to the list and I only started with cervical spondylitis but a lot of my meds for other problems aren't great on my bones either so I feel at times I fight a losing battle. I went to see mental health team because of how crappy the pain was making me feel and it was good to be able to offload, so maybe being able to talk to others might help you a little. You have my sympathy which isn't something I give out because being in constant pain has made me a little hard faced when people complain about a little cold lol but you definitely need some good luck and I pray that you get some relief from all you have been going through

  • I didn't realise there is someone out there like. I'm not saying it's good but you completely understand me and my symptoms. I think we should be doctors as I think we're more qualified than them as we're in the here and now with our symptoms. friends stop visiting. my mum just gets fed up with me talking about pain. then she tells me her backs in bits.lol. my back feels like someone is ripping it away from the top half of my body but it never ends. everyone just don't get it done they.x

  • Hi rhiansmama.

    I totally understand where you are coming from, ice been suffering with chronic pain from the age of 18 I'm now 43.. Its so god damn depressing. People think because you can't see my disability I'm OK. It really annoys me and my family. I have a blue disability badge which is given to me due to my disability, and the amount of people that give me dirty looks and have even had the audacity to look at my badge whilst I'm actually sat in the car.

    I've said this many times, not all disabilites are viable.

    Like you I take a lot of medication for the pain it does ease some of the pain but not all of it. So I feel your pain. Chronic pain is so awful.

    Feel free to winge, scream,rant any time to me. Hope you feel OK soon.

    Take care Debbs.

  • Know the feeling, start to feel a bit better then something else bites you in the bum. Had back pain for 15 years, now feet are slowly going numb been told nothing can be done just live with it.

  • yes I know that's one. we're the best people to say what's wrong but they are not listening. I've gone to different doctors until one listens. try that hun. I know it's hard and we get so worn out with the go away response.x

  • I know how ya feel when you say you just seem to manage the pain were at. I've been suffering along with everything else left heel pain so had an injection in it to ease the pain. But so typical of me and my damn body it hurts more now than it ever did. I'm so fed up of all this now. Ahhhhhh. I'm 43yr but feel more like 93. 😢

  • I hate the you gotta live with it answers I swear I'll tell them live with the pain etc I have see how you cope. Some are just unsympathetic and don't get me started on other people who say well you can't be that bad you look healthy to me 😡😡 at them

  • you are in agreement with me. I've found one doctor who is for the first time for ages. I normally get fobbed offor saying it my ME/CFS OR MY FIBRO. it's not down to that when your telling them this is different. makes you not want to go to doctors. but have to push it with another doctor who listens. thank goodness.x

  • Hope you feel better mate.

    What I personally detest about internet is reading some stories on here "The bloody thumbs up sign saying LIKE" Really whats their to like about reading something sad or about death and stuff,thumbs up and likes,someone should invent something more approipaiate.

  • mmmm yeah.xx I put thumb up to agree with someone's statement.x

  • thank you for your reply. I've been bit held up in hospital having radiotherapy in my spine for the cancer and my God the pain now is ten fold but I was aware of that before it gets better. at home resting in my rise and recliners chair they got me. back on Monday about my chemotherapy on lungs and lymph nodes in chest. but I'm strong and a fighter too much to do with my life. only 47 got loads of life in me yet. don't get me wrong I do have down days but things are OK. x

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