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Pain in the right side by the ribs and lower back

So i been having pain on my right side on my ribs and lower back for 9 months finally coundnt take the pain anymore cause it got to severe went to the hospital turned out to be my gallbladder infected for waiting too long had to get it removed . i hope this helps someone to understand if similar situation the guy in the room next to me had a similar pain but he had kidney stones the size of an egg same area pains i was having .i wish him the best .i know how bad it is to be up all night cause of the pain. Wish you all the best...

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Oh naughty that's a sad tale. No investigation by your GP ? That seems incredible. I hope you are on the way to recovery now.


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Feel for you I know how bad it is with gall bladder. I was hospitalised twice at the beginning of the year after vomiting 4 days straight and in horrific pain. Same area as you just put it down to the problems I have with my back. Taken to hospital by ambulance first time as I couldn't move I was that bad and I have a high pain threshold. I had an infected and inflamed gall bladder, I also had an infection in my blood. Was in hospital for 4 days on iv antibiotic. A week later back in because the infection hadn't gone also found out I had stones. Went for check up a few weeks later talked about surgery but *touch wood* everything has settled and I'm ok now so not needed surgery. A lady in the bed opposite me had same symptoms and had to have appendectomy her appendix had burst.

Hope you are well now and everything has settled down after surgery

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Hi Naughty.

I had flare pain. Third time it was agonising..pain in my right shoulder was stingy and tummy back..feeling sick and fainted. Awake all night until i called emergency doc in to be told it was gallbladder. 5 days in hospital then sent home on waiting list. Luckily got it removed within 7 weeks.

Then had a similar flare. Ended up being in another week almost to get stones removed from the bile duct.

Been fine since but other stuff going wrong now lol

Hope this finds you better and pain free xx


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