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No stroke forum

Hi I don't know if anyone can help me I'm looking for stroke forum but can't see to find one,I've had Meningjitis pneumocooal stroke and brain absess 3 months ago, I am trying to find out if other people are struggling with things now 3 months on as I am getting awful pins and needles in my hands and pain in my wrists elbows and shoulders all on the side that wasn't damaged by stroke and a bit worried , so if any one can help me with any information would be great, also got diagnosed with severe sciatica which is worse since being ill thankyou in advance dawn

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Try Different Strokes community.

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Thanks dexter1 will try


There are also several pain communities for the sciatica. Take care


Hi Dawn.

Welcome to our site - yes the Different Strokes Forum on here is a good start for you.

I had a Stroke in 1998, the Stroke effected my left side so I it is totally numb.

My right side is also effected with Chronic Pain following all of my brain surgeries.

So I can relate with your pins & needles & pain.

Please contact me if that my help ???


Hi Steve just put up roughly what happened to me, I think I'm still finding things hard to come to terms with, because I wasn't I'll before this no warning nothing I was in work when it all happened next thing I remember is being in icu and wandering why I'm there I can't understand what happened very weird so pleased I found here might get some stories I can relate to

Thanks dawn


There are forums on as well and I think my mum suffered a stroke and it is hard to find and navigate forums for it and access support services. I think the brain charity are only based in liverpool, but their site says they have a forum


Thanks kelly73 I will look them up x


Dear Dawnie,

Apart from 'Different Strokes' and the 'National Stroke Association', most other Stroke Services appear, as far as I can determine, to be based in local areas. Locally to me, for example, is 'Tendring Specialist Stroke Services' (TSSS), I have heard of similar 'Services' elsewhere-but cannot name them unfortunately. I'm sure that local Libraries/Citizen Advice Bureaus and the like will be able to 'point' you, in the right direction-so to speak. There is an organisation called Headway, that provides support for Brain Injury, they may also be able to help.

Sorry that I can't be of more help Dawnie-please do let us all know how you 'get on', will you?

Kindest wishes



Thanks Andrew I will do I'm getting there slowly I have a stroke nurse coming to see me on Friday to explain things properly to me , I'm getting fitted with hearing aids tomorrow that has been a big problem for me as never had a days trouble with ears before now. I have been told that they should help with balance I hope so and if pain settles down I will be getting there. Will keep in touch x


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