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Could it be Oligodendrogliomas

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I have these weird headaches that been going on for I would say 2-3 months now, due to my seizures. I had CT, EEG scans and they came out normal, they don't want to give me a MRI for some reason witch I find stupid. but anyway lately I been super tired, when I go to school I can't stay awake or even anywhere I go, one day at school I fell asleep and woke up, I had blurry vision and couldn't walk straight. idk what going on with me. can someone help me out?

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Have you gone to a Neurologist? If that's who you're speaking of them I would find a new one! That's not acceptable to not have a diagnosis!! I am going through the saw things with my Dr's. I have recently, after a whole year of trying, found an entire new team!

Good luck to you!

What ever is going on they need to do more investigations into what & why you have the symptoms you have. Insist on an mri if thats the only way to diagnose but it does sound like you need a complete mot to get to the bottom of what's happening to you.

It could be a myriad of things from ME to neurologist issues and or some innocent viral infection but it has to be investigated. Start with your GP and don't be afraid to ask questions of your GP and or consultant and find out why they are reluctant to have an mri scan if that's what you need.

Good luck and hope that you get some answers. Kx

Consider Brain Fog for your on going headache as brain fog can feel like a constant headache, where it is difficult to concentrate for long on anything you do.

Brain Fog, vision problems, along with over tiredness, falling asleep, like you describe 'can' be down to both B12 Deficiency and Low thyroid (Hypothyroidism) or both together.

Both B12Def. and Low Thyroid can cause brain fog, which also makes it hard to concentrate for long.

Ideal Thyroid bloods to be done for an all round picture are:-

Free T4 and FreeT3 (Measures of Thyroid Hormone)

2 X Thyroid antibodies'


Ferritin (stored iron)


Vitamin D

vitamin B12.

Another thought have you recently been vaccinated ?

I don't know about this condition-far less be able to spell/pronounce it! I DO know however that you are in pain, which there could very well well be a way of controlling/helping. You should therefore go to your GP/Doctor/Consultant straight away!

You don't say if you are a boy, or girl, not that it matters anyway, but there are certain differences-apart from the obvious-which might have a bearing.

Please do see your Doctors MD.

Wishing you a Happy Easter


If you have googled and found oligodendrogliomas, then I would say no, its quite unlikely you have that (because Dr Google is most definitely not an expert and can't take into account everything about you). Its definitely not something you can or should try to diagnose yourself.

You do need to see some kind of specialist, and a neurologist would seem to be the most appropriate one, though if what you are calling "seizures" are these falling asleep episodes, then it may be nothing to do with neurology. Can you go back to your GP and discuss it again? Rather than focussing on one particular symptom, maybe you could just ask to have a general checkup - routine blood tests, blood pressure, etc, to rule out something else going on that is making you so tired you fall asleep.

Just a little warning about MRIs - in order to get the best results, they need to have some idea what they are looking for. There are dozens of different sequences and types of scans, and they all show up different things in different ways. So if they were just doing a random brain MRI without knowing what they were looking for, chances are it wouldn't show anything up as it wouldn't be the right type of scan to see what might be wrong. Also, in most places, GPs can't order MRIs anyway - it has to be a specialist.

I also agree with coastwalker that "brainfog" from some kind of deficiency or malabsorption problem could cause that kind of symptom (having suffered it myself as a teenager when I was very low in folate, B12 and iron). That was one of the reasons I thought it might be a good idea to talk to your GP about running some routine blood tests.

I find what you say confusing. Do you have epilepsy seizures or are you referring to the weird headaches.

You mention you cannot stay awake. This has no meaning unless we have some idea of what your going to sleep regime is.

Blurry vision and cannot walk straight can be a symptom of waking up at the wrong point of the sleep cycle.

Posture problems can give you weird headaches. As you have not stated how old you are it is not possible to make sensible guesses if the problems are growth related or not.

Please reply and give some more details.

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