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Fell bruised ribs and BAD back pain

On Friday evening I was coming home with by husband and daughter. It was dark and I tripped over a flower pot and fell really hard onto my right side . Doc has said I have bruised ribs and and muscle. I have to keep pain under control so I can do some breathing excersises so my lung does not collapse. I fell onto the side which is giving me the most back pain. So I am not moving to much in the last couple of days. Darn I really wanted to babysit my grandson this week before I go back to work at the end of the summer. ( EA ) I am hoping that in the next week or so I will be right as rain and able to . Very frustrated today .


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Horrible thing to have happened.

It will take some time to heal.

Do try to move as much as possible within pain limits- it's not good to let it stiffen up.

Can you ice it for short times. Also , are you able to take nsaids - ibuprofen? It's generally ok to take a good dose for a few days only (400 six hourly) if you don't have other restricting health issues- kidney and stomach.

I hope you feel a bit better soon.


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I cracked a rib and upset the inter costal muscles

It took 6 weeks of being very very careful in what i did to heal

On no account think you will be better in a week and be very careful to limit everything you do

Painkillers simply mask whats going on and allow you to do more damage

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Sorry to hear about your fall. My partner fell off the ladder a few years back putting something in the loft. He fractured 6 ribs. Could hardly move for 2 and a half months. He hit bannister rail as he fell. I had to do everything for him as he was in so muchpain. It will take you a while to recover I am afraid. You may need to take time off work till you recover I am afraid. Not much really I can advise you to do sorry to say except take plenty of rest. Making sure your lung is not collapsed is important. Hope you soon beginto feel better. Look after yourself. From Sarah


Thankyou everyone. I just received a phone call from the OR booking I am booked to have my bunion surgery on September 14th. They said it may not happen though if my ribs are not healed because they would be concerned about my airway and being able to take deep breaths. YIKES !! There has been so much going on in the last month and 1/2 I feel like I would like to just get off this ride and take a break. I am suppose to go back to work on Sept 7th when summer vacation is over. So I am hoping everything is back to normal , but then I would only be working for 2 weeks . But what is normal anyways LOL Oh ya did I mention I am booked for my facet injections on Sept 30th. Good grief :-) :-) !!


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