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Hi everyone, it's been a while since I posted. I saw my new pain Dr. She put me back on oxymorphone 10mg she wants to gradually work me up to a stronger dose same with my oxicodone.

It's helping mildly, she gave my surgeon permission to write me additional pain script. My surgery is on August 10th, he says prior surgeon surgery didn't fix anything. I was in a wreck June 23rd, not my fault, a woman pulled out in front of me I swerved so not to Tbone her car. I got tboned instead. Was taken straight to the ER, both shoulders and hip started hurting instantly. During this surgery he has to repair the right shoulder torn rotor cuff that was torn in the wreck, along with biceps tear , and remover all the arthritis. If this doesn't eliminate the pain, I will have to have a total joint replacement.

After 6 months I'll have to have a total shoulder joint replacement on the left shoulder. It also messed up my lumbar as well. She wasn't hurt that I know of. She totaled her little Chevy. I drive a Dodge suv!

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I guess that doctors don't want to give you high doses of pain medication shortly before surgery as any medication will have to be factored in for the anesthetic. Have you been given any idea of the outcomes post surgery. It sounds unfortunately as if you have a hard road in front of you for a while.

Best of luck with the operation. Let us know how it went.


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Dee, it will take 6 months for recovery possibly longer depending on how things heal up. i'm usually a fast healer but with my bones is another story cause i have osteoarthritis bad in my shoulders. I'm on prolia shots every 6 months an it has helped other parts of my body but hasn't helped my shoulders. If I need a total joint replacement I worry about my bones being able to handle it. When i had my right knee replacement it was hard with all the hammering to get the parts in, it caused several stress fractures in that leg that took 6 months to heal up ..


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