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help with suggestions for cerviacle disc problem

hi, im a very worried person ,ive just experianced the worst sensation ever, i was dignosed with a unoperable cerviacle disc problem via an mri scan,obviously i have been under a pain specialist for a fair number of years now and have run the gauntlet of medications, two years ago i was admitted to hospital with an unrelated lump on my lung which had started to grow it was malignant lung cancer so the top lobe of my right lung was removed, as time passed the pain in my neck was getting worse and i had gone beyond regular visits to the pain clinic i only went if i rang in to be seen, about one year after my op i was in quite considerable pain with my neck so asked to see my pain specialist,at this visit he asked what meds i was on so i told him and he said right what type of cancer did i have , i told him lung cancer and he said no i mean the type, so i said i didnt know ,he then said he would check with my surgeon and chest specialist with a view to putting me on a low dose of something like morphine, however that was the last i heard of that , but the last time i saw him he told me he couldnt go any further and he was discharging me =but if i felt the need to see him for a chat he would see me and thats where im at , however just now i was in terrible pain and i felt realy sick,i dont know what else to do .


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