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Anyone ever taken Duloxetine and Gabapentin?

After a telephone appointment with pain clinic they have decided that I am to stop Pregablin and start on Duloxetine. Anyone have any good results with this drug? How bad are the side effects? He wants to do nothing more until I have seen a specialist regarding my jaw pain.

Also after being messed around today, hospital phoning and cancelling ENT because specialist said wrong dept. they told me to go to GP and ask for a referral [didn't tell me which other specialist said GP would know from letter they faxed]. Saw GP and he said ENT had already referred me on 2nd Dec. no need for him. Told him about Naproxen gaining weight so he gave me Gabapentin. At least I think thats what he did. Got confused. Are Naproxen and Gabapentin similar drugs? Don't want to overdose accidentlly LOL.

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It's so bloomin'confusing sometimes, they tell us all this but the appointments are over in a flash. I'd ask a pharmacist about the naproxen & gabapentin thing. Gabapentin is a similar drug to pregabalin but some people tolerate gabapentin better.

If you come off pregabalin don't do it suddenly - I got awful insomnia when I did that! If they haven't given you advice then again, ask a pharmacist. Or ring the pain clinic back!

I've tried both gabapentin & duloxetine at the same time. Gabapentin (on its own) helped a bit. They usually start you on something like 300mg and increase the dose gradually, so don't expect it ti work straight away.

My personal experience of duloxetine was that it was evil - but don't let that put you off! I am incredibly sensitive to medication. I had terrible nausea and dizziness and a racing pulse and couldn't bear it, so I stopped taking it after 3 days. If I'd kept at it the side effects may have gone away, but it was at a time when I'd had enough of medication!

Presumably they don't know why you have jaw pain. I get it as part of my facial pain. Originally got sent to ENT then to maxillofacial dept (they specialise in teeth, jaws and the mouth / face). Have to say that the care I got there (in Nottingham) was excellent - it turned out not to be the jaw that was causing the pain, but the consultant still tried really hard to sort things out.

I think facial pain can be a nightmare to sort out, and it's common for facial pain to be misunderstood and written off as all in the mind ( especially if you're a woman). Mine is referred pain - there's not anything wrong with my face or jaw, it's coming from my dodgy shoulder and neck. It took a very long time to get this diagnosed. Luckily I am now able to get some respite from it with physio and botox injections.

Good luck, hope the drugs help, and don't give up trying to get things better,


Thank you teadrinker for your reply.

Sorry its taken a few days to say thanks but damn IBS been playing up [ate chicken, sometimes I can other times it doen't agree with] finally settled down last night after 4 days.

All these different depts and doctors gets so confusing.


Thanks for the tips on Pregablin and Trammadol. I'm attending a pain clinic this week for the first time. Did you ever ask them about the possibility of medicinal cannabis for 24/7 post-op major spinal surgery ? If you find the question offensive, then accept my apologies......and jog - on......loool


Are you still on line. Wanted to know what kind of spine surgery did you have


Hi Angel

I have been on gabapentin for about 4yrs now, it is the only thing that relieves my phantom limb pain.

I was taking it with tramadol, naproxin and co codamol as i have arthritis in all my joints and sciatica, but came off tramadol few months ago as it is going onto the dangerous drugs list and my gp increased the gabapentin to compensate for it.

Gabapentin is a pain blocker and stops the pain signals getting to the brain, whereas i think naproxin may be an anti inflammatory.

I hope you get things sorted out soon and have a comfortable if not pain free xmas

Take care and angel blessings xx


Thank you for your reply. Sorry about lateness of reply [see above].

Didn't know that Tramadol was going on dangerous drug list will ask GP next time I see him.

I am going to see pharmacist today think its a good idea to get things sorted.

Thanks again. Hope you have a lovely Christmas.

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