Back injury from playing rugby

Hi everyone ive recently taken up rugby and was playing a game 2 days ago and when i was playing i took a tackle from a few guys about 2 times my own weight which is about 16stone (lol im fat :) ) and one of them decided it was a good idea to stand on my back which caused severe pain in my back and me not being ablre to breath properly the physio that was there at the said its probably just gonna bruse whichit has but i have been having very bad chest pain since it happened and my back is the same colour of my boots (purple) and then then the cheeky shit stood on my knee when which is now black and blue

Any ideas on what to do with my back? any ideas would be greatly appreciated

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  • Have you seen a doctor? I'm no doctor but could it be a broken rib perhaps? I think you need to get this checked out asap. We aren't doctors on here, just people who suffer pain 24/7 from various causes. You don't want to end up with constant pain just because you never got this checked out properly. Go and see your doctor, please.

  • Thanks I'll get it checked a soon as but a friend of mine that is a paramedic had a similar injurie a few years ago but when he went to the doctors they sort of fobbed him of but ill still get it checked

  • Thanks ill look into physotherapy because hospital wasn't very useful thanks

  • Other than check with A&E wait for a week. A&E have x-ray facilities. A GP has not.

    Bruises will be sore for a while.


    Hope this helps

  • Thanks it did help :)

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