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Wrist pain

One morning I woke up and my wrist/lower arm would hurt if I moved it.

I thought it was just a random pain but it hasnt gone away and its been about 2 weeks.

It seemed like it was the tendon connecting to the thumb and the forearm pain went away and it now just affets the wrist.

What seems to happen is my wrist will lock when I move in a certain position and it will hurt bad, ill have to move it in the opposite diretion to 'unlock' it.

It's stfrange because today for example it's constant bad but sometimes it only hurts bad in the mornings.

Ive never had anything like that before, the only thing that I did different was have blood taken from that arm 2 days before.

How could I hava damaged it while sleeping and if I lay on it, it should be hurting 2 weeks later.

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This could be a muscle problem. You could have a persistent micro-cramp which is preventing the tendon from going down the centre of the tendon sheath. It is also the case that you may need to re-educate yourself on how to fine tune the control of your muscles.

It is worth signing up for some yoga lessons in order to learn about how your muscles function.

Hope this helps


Thanks for the reply.

I was just concerned in case some how a bone fractured or broke, ive never broken a bone but most medicine says can make bones weak... And with full mobility of my wrist and fingers it's strange that pain only comes when it wants.

But I shall look into the muscle theory, it's such a strange but curious thing as the pain has isolated itself and hurt loads yesterday for pretty much all day and today it's not been bad at all.


The older one gets the more often you can get this muscle ache/pain problem. I have come to the belief that muscle ache can be a brain problem concerning the control of muscles. This why many people with pain can bounce back and forth between rheumatologist, neurologist and physiotherapist. All have there theories, but none are looking at the control of muscles by brain and spinal reflexes.

This is why something like Alexander Technique can often improve things. This technique goes directly to learning to re-educate your muscle usage. This is why yoga works under a experienced yoga teacher. This is why T'ai chi works under a knowable teacher. These three disciplines are about learning to use muscle and fine tuning the movement of muscle control.

So the answer to your question: Yesterday, the brain behaved one way and today the brain is behaving a little bit differently in regard to muscle control. Not only this the input from the proprioceptors is also different.

Time wasting to figure out why. More productive to investigate what is it I am doing different that has led to reduced discomfort.

Hope this helps.


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