Ankle and hand pain

Hiya I'm new here and thought I'd give it a go so have pain in my ankle I can walk but after a few minutes it slowly increases in pain and makes it slightly unbearable to walk for a bit went to GP referred me for an x-ray and there was nothing and don't know what to do there isn't any swelling the pain is one part or the ankle and been taking painkillers for the past 3 months. Still experiencing ankle problems now last week started experiencing sharp pains which last a few second every 30 mins in my hands. End up having to shake it to get used to the pain but I dont know what I did to cause the pain.

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  • Hi E, I assume the GP properly assessed your problem or has the hand pain started after your visit? How old are you and which sex? Are these problems work related such as postal worker or some kind of repetitive strain ? need more info here? But as regards your ankle if this is a problem unrelated to your hand then you could consider having some gait analysis to see how you are using yourself... Footwear is crucial so you may need a referral to a podiatrist for insoles to ensure your foot has a stable base for walking and standing. I see so many women wearing these awful ballet pumps these days - I have no idea how they actually walk in them - they look like they are destroying feet, ankles and knees... And don't get me started on high heels! 😳😱 oh dear! I'm starting to sound like my grandmother... πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ€πŸ€πŸ˜€

  • 21 and male the hand and ankle pains are seperate cases. Regarding the ankle have changed footwear numerous times and the only time I feel well is when I have my foot elevated and have taken pain killers. Now regarding my hand pain that just started recently where I was using the tills on the shopfloor and felt a really sharp pain in my hand took a few seconds until it went but happens at random times throught the day/week.

  • Hi E, so shop work is really hard on the feet... If nothing came up on X-ray then the problem is likely to be 'soft tissue' meaning that the way you use your feet may be the problem (unless this was a sport injury?) so it's a good idea to see a physio to look at how you stand (pronation, supination - you can google these things) the objective is to have a balanced foot for standing and walking - think equal weight between heel and balls of the big toe and little toe.. If you achieve this then you get a balanced ankle... But obviously you need to get rid of the pain first. Take anti-inflammatories rather than paracetamol to lessen any inflammatory consequences and try to do some ankle stretches when you have the foot elevated. Slow Circles and pointing and flexing the toes.. This may hurt and there are some types of pain which just means something hasn't moved properly in a while or no don't go there pain... So respect the pain .. Try and do this throughout the day and if you have some kind of ledge at the till to rest the foot for a few minutes every half hour then do that too. But get thee to a physio to sort out your posture. You could also strap the ankle while at work if that helps. It may take a while to resolve this problem... They take years before they complain and hurt because they want your full attention. Spend time now assessing how you use yourself and potentially rule out a lifetime of misery with a bigger problem .. Let us know how you get on? πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ€πŸ€πŸ€

  • Had a look at the other posts. You may be using your muscles incorrectly. A problem that develops for a lot of people as they get beyond a certain age.

    They enrolling in a yoga class to get in touch with how you use your muscles. A visit to an Alexander teacher would be worth while to see if any of your problems are related to posture and poor muscle coordination.

    Hope this helps

  • An xray doesn't show muscle/tendon/liguament injury. An M.R.I. is what is needed for that. Your hand prob sounds like something totaly unconnected to the ankle prob and is symptomatic of many probs. so needs further research by medics. Ask them to be thorough , not half hearted. l realise that costs may keep the investigation down, but without the use of hands & feet life is gonna be miserable , let alone painfull. Be kind to yourself.

    Hugs, Jacqui.

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