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ankle sprain ? aftermath ?

hello everybody just a little concerned, think i should have gone to the hospital sooner

monday-- so im a cheerleader and i am always hurting myself because of it, so i jumped and kind of landed on my ankle funny and fell over, i was trying to stay calm and i just thought the pain would go away in a couple mins (happens often- i hurt myself then it goes away) but i ended up sitting on the floor for 2hours till the end of practice, icing my foot. felt like it was getting worse and as i was walking out the gym it was really painful, by this time it was swollen and a little blue. got home kept icing it and elevated it.

tuesday-- woke up in pain a could not put any pressure on it and obviously couldn't walk so took day off school. within the day swelling got a lot worse (up to the length of a pair of glasses, which i thought was massive!!) and when i tried to step on it once i just collapsed and hit my head (now got a lump on my head too yay). was bluest swelling and colour went dow a bit by the time my mum got home from work so we decided not to go to hospital anymore because it might have just kept going down.

wednesday-- still couldn't walk so took another day off school and just layed in bed again. swelling had gone down but still painful to put pressure on. nearer end of the day i could put a little weight on but not much, hobbled a bit but mainly crawled or hopped around, towards the evening i continued to try and walk again because i really didn't want to miss another day of school (gcse's etc)

thursday-- could kind of walk on it so begged my mum to let me go to school, it was the last day so i was only there for half a day, was limping around but had to walk home from school for around 20-30 mins. still swollen but not really visible, blue had faded. overall did only 2.1 miles

friday-- so my dad told me we were going to london (work experience etc) so we went and did 8.5 miles of walking. was limping a bit but not in a lot of pain, ached though. after a long day, i started noticing purple line underneath kind of like bruises. was getting a bit concerned as thought it was over so decided to do some research on it and started coming up with different long/short term effects and stuff.

saturday i asked my mum to take me to the hospital just to get it checked out because i thinks a sprain but just want to double check, also going for an X-ray 29th dec. i can walk but mum suggested getting crutches, to rest my ankle for as long as possible? and anyone had anything similar? think i should have gone to the hospital before because the swelling got quite big. just wanted to post on here for advice/past experience/aftermath etc.

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You don't need to go to hospital. A walk in centre or urgent care centre will be fine.

I'd be amazed if someone could walk 8.5 miles on a broken foot, let alone a severely swollen one which is painful.

You are letting your education suffer - go to school.

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Go get your ankle seen to a walk in centre is enough, don’t let it affect your education 😋

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Strain or sprains : these things can take months to recover, they need some kind of support now. Probably take a lot longer than a break to mend. You might want to consider seeing a Physio and consider giving up Cheerleading for quite a while. I’ve had this type of ankle problem more than once and at first, I thought it was getting better but then it got worse before eventually it did get better and I followed Phyiso advice on strengthening ankle to help for the future. You take care


You are right to be concerned. I think perhaps you may have cracked your ankle. I did something similar, when I was a young girl. Like you, I walked on it for at least a week, to & from school up & down a hill on snow & ice and everywhere. It didn't seem to hurt as much sometimes and the swelling was less noticable. Finally, my mother took me to the doctor, who put back cast on it. After it appeared to have healed long enough, my step dad decided to remove the cast himself. It was too soon. Now, I have an anklebone that is bigger than the other and weaker. I hope I am wrong and that you have only a bad sprain. Those can really hurt alot, too. Do let us know what you find out and how you are doing.

Blessings, Kate

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