Husband out of Hospital

Husband out of Hospital

I have my husband home now to recover from the broken hip. The recovery will take a little longer. After so many muck ups from day one when he was admitted its nice to have him home.

Overall it's been a traumatic experience for him and me. It all started on day 1 when they lost his false teeth they are the back teeth on a metal plate - grinders.

It all went down hill from there and has been a nasty experience I'm not going into detail here because I have sought legal advice just to say he went in weighing 10st 10lb and now weighs 9st 3 in just under a week.

I won't go into the extra pain physically this has put on me only that the Butrans patch is struggling to give me relief.

Hope you're pain isn't as bad as mine at present in so many ways πŸ˜₯

Jen xx

A cheerful pastel Rudbeckia & Gatekeeper butterfly from my garden x

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  • nice to know that your husband is home jen and sorry about the hosptal, try and get a nice rest now jen and i hope that they found his teeth, what a carry one, it takes ages to get new teeth made, maybe you could just put on a new patch after all this stress it will be causing you much more pain. no need to post back jen you just relax now as you need to. love grace xoxoxo

  • Oh Jen.

    So sorry to hear that, sounds awful. But glad to hear he's back home now.

    Don't forget to look after yourself too. Do you have anyone who could help you out for a few days, maybe to do a bit of housework or something for you whilst you look after hubby and recuperate a bit yourself. I don't know how these things work to be honest, would it be worth getting in touch with social services or someone like that (sorry not sure who you contact for a bit of help).

    Either way, I hope you both improve as soon as possible.

    Love the picture by the way, very pretty and cheerful.

    Gentle hugs to both


  • Good old Tesco's finest lol cooking days are over I have dreadful arthritis in my hands. Widespread in every joint.

    Thank you for your kind thoughts



  • Jen ask your dr to check your Viamin D ,b12 serum & active,folate,ferritin,iron,MMA!homocysteine.Drs are not aware of vitamin deficiencies & the devastating conditions they cause .My mother suffered for years with arthritis in hands,IBS ,anxiety,depression,shingles,falls & it wasn't till I saw her & she was pale told her to get Dr to check her bloods.Sure enough she was vitamin b12 def.Check or Diagnosing & treating Vitamin B12 deficiency online.

  • Vitamin D checked 3 years ago. Just a little low fine now. I was taking D3 which the doctor prescribed. My blood is tested every 6 months the one previous to last. I was slightly anemic , fine again now.

    Jen X

  • Thank you Margaret for your kind words - glad you enjoyed the painting

    Jen xxx

  • Oh dear thats not good. Hope he feels better now that he's back home with good old home cooking to build up his strength. X

  • Sorry Lowlife sent a message menu for you to Margaret xxx

  • Jen

    Sounds like you both need a change of luck.

    I know it is difficult, but try not to expend too much energy on the legal issues.

    I think I have mentioned it before, I feel there is room for a slightly stronger patch, perhaps you could drop your GP a line.

    Take care & Best Wishes


  • Thanks Jim

    I am changing my patch every five days that works better for me.

    The doc will have to accept it xx

  • Hi Jen, I do hope things start to improve for you both very soon. Accept as much help as you can. Speak to your doc about your patch surely they will adjust your pain relief to help although you won't want to be given something that means you can't function. Gentle hugs on the way to you.

    On a personal note your artwork always lifts my mood. I love it! You are so talented.

    Take special care x

  • Thank you so much Jackalyn so very kind of you.

    I am changing my patch every 5 days I definitely get more benefit. The doc will have to lump it.

    Take care Jen


  • Hi Jen I've been on your website. Such talent. Think my fav is 'Peace'. Take care x

  • Hi Jen,

    What a beautiful painting! What's the media? It really is cheering... πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ˜€πŸŒ»

    So sorry to hear about hubby but glad he's home with you and wish him a speedy recovery...

    So sad about your hospital experience - it seems these days they really are places to avoid! Everything's gone to hell in a hand cart! Is that the expression? It keeps coming into my mind of late but not sure if I've got it right! πŸ˜‰

    I was having treatment for a bladder problem recently and after nearly a year I have the same problem but now a few extras caused by the treatment itself... πŸ™„πŸ™

    Best wishes πŸ˜œπŸ€

  • Hi the media is pastel thank you so much. After being fascinated with Degas. I had to conquer the medium πŸ˜‰

    Yes dreadful places to be at the moment. Sorry you have problems with your bladder I do too. I had a prolapse op that went well fortunately they sent me to a private hospital under NHS. My bladder problems now are caused by Spinal Stenosis sometimes urinating up to 30 times a day!!

    Yes I like that he'll in a hand cart 😭

    Jen xx

    Ps I'm changing my Butrans patch every five days the doc will just have to lump it 😑

  • Hi Jen, yes extra patches - you'll need them until you've got a new routine with hubby recovery going... Anything extra usually has a negative effect... Hope you can rest up yourself... Keep on painting/drawing if you can though - talented! Degas would agree I'm sure .. The loo thing is a real problem... Gah!

    Take care πŸ˜˜πŸ·πŸ€

  • i had a major angina attack on sunday and after my brother coming out of hospital a week and a half ago he was let out too soon after a major back op,he was sweating not able to breathe or eat he went the walk in they gave him anti biotics said he had an infection in the wound,after the anti biotics he was 10 times worse i rang for an ambulance and they said is he vomiting blood i said no but he cannot get a breath in at all terrified of a blood clot i begged them to send an ambulance,they said he did not sound like he needed an ambulance!!! i had called my son and told him hold the cab as they were going to call in an hour i got him in there before they rang they had given him anti biotics he was allergic to? the ambulance service did not call back!!! that was on sunday on tuesday he got an emergency app at the docs as he still was not right she sent him right to the same hospital,he was there for nine hours they did tests for a blood clot and it came back good thankfully but the damage done to his back waiting so many hours laying down could affect the outcome of the op in a different hospital,so to get back to my point i took loads of gtn spray felt i needed help but fought it so hard so i did not have to go back there i have been rushed in 15 times with heart problems i also have leg and back problems and they have lost my walking stick there been allowed to walk around for 3 days on the assesment ward been outside and then they moved me on a bed board to the cardiac unit when i was fine its so crazy who do you turn to, sorry for the novel please feel better soon xxxxx

  • Yes loo thing ghastly. I shall being seeing doc on Friday I am full of anxiety I don't think the patch can deal with it lol


  • So sorry to hear of your and your husbands troubles. At least he's home now but to lose that much weight in a week is dangerous. I didn't lose that much on a nil by mouth after an operation. Hope you get it sorted.

    Lovely to see a Gatekeeper not many people would know to recognise them, my father passed a love of wildlife to me so whenever I am out with my son I have him identifying, butterflies, birds, trees and plants. Unfortunately not many of the young generation appreciate nature, unless it takes batteries they are not interested!

    Is Oramorph an option for breakthrough pain for you? It certainly helps me.

    Best wishes

    Patrick x

  • You made me laugh Patrick. I love the insects & butterflies that visit the garden.

    Is Oramorph Morphine only I immediately start throwing up if it is?

    It was the combination of three things that caused such a huge loss of weight damage to his uretha & bladder where a doc shoved a catheter in when He didn't need one, he kept asking for a bottle in A&E but was ignoring him (In the end the doctor after hurting him left it as he couldnt do it.)

    That night hubs was bleeding from his penis wasn't sorted until lunchtime that day when the nurses decided to put a catheter in he then Spent 2 days waiting for an urgent op, still bleeding had the op still bleeding urology said they would Have a look with a camera nothing came of it. Still bleeding into catheter in severe pain every time he urinated😑 Nothing done about it doc comes up says you will be going home tomorrow the bleeding is easing & urology will be up Monday morning first thing to take a look with camera? Nobody came! During the whole of those 6 days they had lost his teeth back grinders on a wire frame, so he could only chew like a rabbit No.3 the food was pretty atrocious but hubs would usually eat anything - so put off. Still in pain still bleeding no sign of Urology. He came home that night he passed a lot of blood in a lot of pain. It has eased now but not quite right.

    To top it all off they hadn't put his notes through to the district nurses he was supposed to have Fragmin and take a look at his wound. So now I have to chase up the hospital again.

    I've also got an emergency dentist appointment for hubs to have a new set of back teeth made at cost of a Β£1000 and a crown that broke along the front where he was trying to chew!!

    Not happy weary etc etc. Changed my patch after 5 days it's beginning to work now.

    Jen x

  • Glad the patch is working, if it only lasts you five days instead of the seven, is there a higher strength patch the GP could prescribe? I'm afraid Oramorph is morphine. Perhaps Tramadol capsules which are the same strength as morphine but synthetic and stated not to be addictive might help.

    The trouble is our bodies become tolerant of the drugs after a while and we either need to up the dose or switch between painkillers. My morphine dose and sleeping tablet are pretty much ineffectual now.

    I'm so sorry about the way your husband has been treated it doesn't sound right atall. My wife is a very experienced Sister in Intensive Care if you have any questions for her I can send you my email.

    I'm glad I gave you a laugh, it's put a smile on my face😊

    Thoughts to you both

    Patrick x

  • Thank you Patrick that's nice if you. I don't seem to be able to tolerate many drugs I either have a bad reaction or allergy TBH I'm surprised I can tolerate the Butrans. I've been off my sleeping tablet a few months now like you it had become ineffectual.

    Why do we have to suffer this pain what makes it go on and on and on? Why is it so relentless? Hubs has the Butrans patch too he has RA (nasty that as it can affect internal organs) strangely parts of his spine that at one time were chronically painful has become less so where the vertebrae have fused together but he has lost 3 inches in height!

    Hah well maybe one day they will invent something non addictive that will take our pain go away 100%. πŸ˜‰

    Jen x

  • god love him it must have been horrific for both of you i wnt to cry as i know how they will just not listen to you at all sending my hugs to you jen and your hubby xxxxxx

  • Gaud Jen, I do hope when you've got your energy back that you issue a formal complaint. That sounds a nightmare and others will be suffering the same too... πŸ˜©πŸ˜‘πŸ˜˜πŸ€

  • The complaints build up. They gave me his usual tablets to go home with instead of 1 heart tablet a day they had 2 on the package. It wasn't until I looked at hubs blister pack realised it was wrong. So for 2 days I'd been giving him 2 😑

    The mistakes get longer.

    Jen xx 😘

  • I'm sure it won't be an isolated incident either... Obviously some major problems in that hospital .. Do you think you'll make an official complaint? I hope you do.. πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ˜˜

  • Jen that's shocking about your husb, hope you're both doing as well as you can be, now. People in the medical profession can be arrogant a-holes sometimes (including my ex, he's my ex for that very reason!). They seem to forget that they're not more intelligent than the rest of the planet just because they studies medicine.

    Flying visit as usual but thinking of you (all) xx

  • *studied

  • Xx Jen

  • I'm on 10 works great for 5 days after that very little help. I have tried transtec vomiting etc 😩

    I shall just ask for the Butrans prescription early see what happens!

    Jen x

  • hi there are you in the uk by any chance ?

  • Yes UK

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