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Hospital... today

I had an extremely bad night, last night. For some reason my vertigo was very bad. the lower have of my body felt as if it was moving to the right whilst the top half was spinning to the left. a really weird experience, I was soaked in sweat. Got up this morning and still felt awful, been sick twice.. wonder if it a bug.

Well anyway had to go to the hospital to see surgeon about my abdominal pains. My youngest daughter took me, or I would have never got there.

Sitting in the waiting room the nurse called me to go through. As I stood to walk she says to me "not to be funny but are you okay" I kinda smiled at the funniness of it. Explained but how I have vertigo. My daughter added how I was have a very bad day.

Sitting waiting for the consultant the nurse popped into the room twice as they could not find my notes. Eventually the consultant came in minus notes. So I gave him my potted history of how I had a hernia repair in 2011 and since the repair I have been in constant pain. Describing where and how the pain grips and how I can hardly walk without pain and how my vertigo also affects my walking.

Consultant then asks me to lie down so he can exam me. Lying down on the bed, felt like I was on a very rocky boat :( He start pressing on my abdomen, extreme pain as he pushed the exact spot that is excruciating, not once but a few times.

Agrees that there is something not right, as he could feel something moving and he could feel the mesh from my hernia repair.

So, the consultant could feel the mesh, I did not like the sound that he could feel it.. But he found it, I had not told him that the hernia had been repair with mesh.

At the end of the end of the consult he told me I need a CT scan to confirm I have another hernia. Then we can discuss options.

hugs Liz xo

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Wow. Just wow for your daughter, nurse, consultant but most of all you.

Hugs back with a smile and everything crossed scan is soon.

Pat x


I guess having another hernia near the first one would (in a strange way) be the best outcome, as you can have it repaired ! I wouldn't wish surgery on anyone, but for you it's probably the answer. I hope your consultant is right. Do you have medication for your Vertigo? I have only had it once, and it's awful, you don't seem to having much luck. I wish you better days ahead.


I have a wonderful family who keep me cheerful.

As for vertigo I take betahistamines to control nausea. My appointment for ENT will soon be popping through my door soon. I have waited nearly 18 weeks the average for NHS. So hope to have Epley Manoeuvre to help me with balance.

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My brother is an Audiologist so know the Epley very well. I hope everything goes well for you.



Well got my appointment for my CT scan I am having on Friday 4th September


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