Haven't left house in 5 days!

Haven't left house in 5 days!

I feel completely trapped at home, I haven't left the house for 5 days, the only person I see is my dad. Don't get me wrong it is great to be able to spend so much time with my father, as he is 77. However I am craving contact with the outside world. Every time I leave the house within an hour the pain ramps up and within 2-3 hours I am in agony.

I am still waiting for the pain clinic to rearrange my appointment for nerve blocks and possibly RFA after a 12 month wait!!!!!

I hope you all had as good as weekend as possible.

Embrace life.


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  • 4 times this year only about 10 times each year since 2010

  • hi duncan, lovely picture of that little squirrel just about to grab the nut. im sorry that your feeling so without human contact . i know what thats like as i live alone but even when living with someone i know that we can still feel isolated. and we dont want to dump all our worries on them and they might not even understand anyway, it would be great if you could get out and just sit in the fresh air. are there no organisations around that could help you and at least visit you so that you can have some different human contact.? im going to the hairdresser today but i really would rather sit in the house as i dont feel well.there really isnt anything i can do from a distance. so i feel pretty helpless. and wish i could cheer you up somehow, the best i can offer is this little note. i know its not much but at least know that someone is thinking about you, god bless duncan. my friend, love grace, xoxoxo

  • Hey Grace. I thought about going to the hairdresser bug then remembered that I don't have any hair!!! Lol. It's the frustration of physically not being able to go anywhere, I struggle just walking around the house. I used to be a tennis coach and made my living off my physicality and athletic ability, now it's a marathon just to go to the store for groceries.

    How are you feeling today?


  • Apart from being taken to the hospital in an ambulance, I haven't left the house since last December. I hate it. I hope both of us manage to get out soon. xx

  • Absolutely, can't wait to get out. Apart from going to see my gp, the hospital, village shop or church, that's my lot. Recently the only place I've been is to the gp. So boring.

    Hope you get some freedom soon

  • I haven't left my house independently in years! Five days seems nothing.....

  • I'm so sorry to hear that. I feel like a chump for stressing about 5 days

  • I'm really sorry to hear your story but I hope it gives you some consolation to know that you are not alone. I understand how you feel. I live alone and feel isolated yet when i'm with others I still feel alone. Just posting this helps me feel less alone. I'm glad I found this page, as just reading other people's stories helps me feel less isolated. I wish you the very best of luck. Love the squirrel b.t.w. Take care of yourself and have as good a day as is right for you x

  • Hey thanks for the message, it definitely helps to hear from others in the same situation. I have had one of those pain days where you just hang in there and try and ride it out, not letting the pain completely overwhelm you.

    Hope you've had an ok day.


  • Thank you. Yeah try and hang on in there, and you can do it !! I know this isn't helpful for everyone, but I find that if you can find some sort of distraction- hard as it may be, it takes your mind from the pain. I know you can't ignore the pain but my way is to try my best to do so, by some form of distraction. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day for you . Stay positive. Best of luck ☺

  • The only way to get through this is to find something to fight for and never give in no matter how many or how hard the knock backs, I have since 29th Oct 2010. For the last 3 months with permission of Sony/ATV Music, Universal Music Pip Williams and Rick Parfitt been working on a Music Video

  • I really wish you all the best and pray that the Pain Clinic cam get you in ASAP! My mum had a miracle after her visit there so I hope is the same for you. Just reading your post and other people's responses humbled me greatly. You people are the salt of the earth and though you're all suffering, have the compassion to write encouraging words to each other! Keep writing. Have you thought of writing a story during the times that you feel able? Writing or some kind of art might help you to mark time while you're waiting for treatment. God bless x

  • Thank you for your kind message. Funny you should mention writing I am currently try to write a book.

    Got bless you.

  • Hi Dunkdl, Like you and many of the other people on this site, I too live alone if you dont count my jack russell bugsy. I do have a very good circle of friend and live in a village where every knows you which can be a menace as well as a blessing!, but when the chips are down, your on your own arn't you. No one else can feel what you feel, I was going to say do you have any hobbies but it sounded very trite but we do share one hobby it seems and thats writing. I've been writing stories for years purely for my own consumption, but its great escapism. I've never managed to finish one yet as I quite literally lose the plot! But you have made a start on giving yourself something to occupy your brain. Have you thought about tracing your family history? its really interesting and lots of it can been done through the internet and there are lots of free sites. {very important}. Do you receive Mobilty? you can have a scooter or even a car with that although it does of course mean losing the actual cash. The best thing I found that helped was this site, plenty of people that dont make me feel as though I'm just whinging. Chin up. Lyzzie x

  • Hi Lyzzie

    Thank you for your nice message. I agree with you that this site is a fantastic and a great help. I am like you I start writing all sort of things and end up with multiple unfinished projects. I am currently writing a life story based on myself, a spy novel and some poetry. One day I might even finish one of them, who knows! I miss my dog terribly, he is back in the US with my girlfriend. At times I could realy do with him by my side at home here. Dogs are such great support. Chin up Lyzzie!

    Duncan x

  • Hi duncan, have you thought about having another dog? or are you going to be going back to America, there are lots of Rescue dogs out there that need homes. My dog is a rescue, I've had him 5 years now, as I walk badly he does have a regular dog walker who is a friend of mine who lost her own dog but didnt feel able to have another as she'd just lost her husband, it works for both of us and I dont know what I would do without him, he keeps me on an even keel. If you ever think of this have a look at the Dogs Trust site. As for writing, I love it, I have to admit that I see myself as the heroine, and I wouldnt admit that to many people!!!, but where else would anyone like me be scaling a building to steal a precious jewel,..ah, the joys of imagination!!. I've been going through a really rough patch of pain lately but my hobbies help a lot, its something to distract you isnt it. I hope things change for you, you sound quite young with plenty of life in front of you, someone once told me that I must have done something bad in a previous life to have the problems I do now, answer to that? Well, I hope I enjoyed it!!. Enjoy your as much as you can. Lyzzie x.

  • I would love to get another dog, however I need to convince my dad as I live with him. He is not realy a doggy person, but you never know. It does sound like you have the perfect arrangement with your dog and walking.

    Thank you for the compliment that I sound quite young, makes a guy approaching 50 feel good!!

    How are you feeling today?


  • Better actually, I obviously experienced a flare up and it seems to have eased, you don't say that too loudly in case it comes back in a hurry! Approaching 50 makes you a baby, I'm 60, though my friends tell me I qualify easily as excentric, but hey, thats good isn't it? I would hate to be considered a stick in the mud. Keep trying with the dog, I'm sure it would help, even if it were a teacup thingie, its the companionship they give you, though I could murder Bugs at times when he has been chewing biscuits in my bed, why? no idea, but I wouldnt be without him. Funny thing is, now the pain has slowed down I'm having trouble staying awake, do you sleep okay? Do you get out of the house at all? Hows the writing going? The biography does sound interesting, I dont think I would want to revisit a few bits of my life, especially school! Nice to hear from you. Lyzzie.

  • Hi Duncan. I am sorry to hear that ,

    I feel the same , I did not go out of the house for about a year !!!!! even when living with someone i know that we can still feel isolated. and we dont want to dump all our worries on them and they might not even understand anyway.

    It is very hard to go outside , my pain levels when I am outside is 10/10 the noise from the traffic ,the breeze,just walking makes my pain level raise !!!!! so i feel pretty helpless. and wish i could cheer you up somehow, it's all about pacing ,sound so easy but I find pacing is very difficult !!!

    All the best Duncan

    Christine (CRPS 6 years)

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