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Pain in Left Foot


For 5 weeks I've had pain come and go in my left foot.

Firstly I have to say that I haven't fallen, there has been no trauma to my foot.

The first time it was there for about 2 and a half weeks and I put it down to the fact that my job requires me being on my feet a lot and that it had finally got up with me, but after resting for good long time it was still there. So I decided to visit my GP who thought it was tendonitis and had me on co codomal. The pain did go away but that was after 2 weeks of complete rest.

On Sunday around 4am the pain returned, and all I did was get up off the chair, after going to the GP she now thinks it's inflammation and has given me omeprazole to help with taking naproxen.

Now the pain is on the underside of the foot just below the toes and when walking on it, my foot unintentionally points outward, like a penguin. Has anyone experienced anything like this?

Also am I correct in saying that I should be resting while 'dealing' with inflammation?



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Hi Theo , you are right if it is inflammation then rest helps the body make it better. But Naproxen should reduce inflammation on a short term basis. When you said it started in the night my first thought was gout but you did not mention any redness ect .Gout requires rest when in flare up too, if possible. When the foot is painful we tend to walk different which is what is probably making your foot turn out, just a thought.Hope the pain susides soon


Does your foot become more painfull if you stand still for a long time, if it does you may have what they used to to call "policemans heel" (don't know the correct medical term). Mine just started without doing anything. Hope this helps, if it is you can get insoles from the chemist to help.


Plantar fasciitis? Idk just sounds like that from your description.


Omeprezol is for acid reflux. Not sure just how that will help your foot? Naproxen should though lol.

Get yourself some good orthotic insoles which will support your foot and the foot arches. They might help. Always worth a try 🐸


Omeprazole and all the other ...azoles (like lansoprazole) are prescribed alongside a lot of NSAIDs like naproxen as they inhibit stomach acid (Proton Pump Inhibitors) therefore reducing the risk of the NSAID causing an ulcer or bleed in there.

It definitely won't help his foot, but it might help his stomach. 😀

Incidentally they were only ever intended for short term use and there is growing evidence that long-term use = bad news. I was on lansoprazole for 12 years or more, I stopped recently because of this but had to stop Diclofenac also due to the reflux it caused.



OMG! Don't say that! I'm on such a cocktail of drugs it's unbelievable. I come out the chemist with a carrier bag full of drugs every 2 months!

I was put on Omeprazol after an gastroscopy. Now I know why my stomach is so delicate without my Omeprazol.

Thank you for the explanation. It's good to know. 🐸

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Yeah sorry to be the bearer and all that.

I've only come to realise the long-term effects of NSAIDs / PPIs fairly recently and have reduced my own carrier bag down to a slightly smaller one recently.

There's lots of info out there if anyone's interested, I know (trust me) how difficult it is not to take drugs that help short-term, but when you've been on something for years and you keep seeing articles about how bad they are it makes you think.

It's all a balance, and we all need as much of a life as possible.



Well said! I couldn't agree more. 🐸


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