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What should I expect?

Hey yall, I had bilateral knee replacements in June of 2016. I was sent back to work at the end of 4 months. I am now 5 and a half months out from my surgery. I still can not do stairs very well (especially coming down). I work on concrete floors so my feet and legs stay swollen . I try to do exercises every night,but sometimes my legs are so tired from work that I don't make it. I was just wondering where I should be and what I should be experiencing now.

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Your knees will recover in their own good time. You need to do everything you can to help them.

Since you work on concrete floors, even something like wearing well cushioned shoes could help.



Fascia is very important to muscle functioning. There has been possibly a lot of fascia damage by the surgery. It takes time for damaged nerves to regrow. See an Alexander Teacher for advice on posture and how to enable more efficient muscle usage.

Poor posture will put a lot more strain on the knees than what the knees would like.

Hope this helps.

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Could you ask for a perching stool to use whilst at work so you're not constantly putting force through your knees or better still, a chair that allows to raise your legs intermittently to reduce some of the swelling? As has already been said, shoes with well cushioned soles should help alleviate some of the effects of the cold, hard floors.

Are you taking any OTC pain relief like the odd Paracetamol or Ibuprofen to help with any aches & pains? Ibuprofen gel directly on your knees if they're sore? I'm sure you've probably already thought of this but sometimes we're so caught up in our busy lives that some of the basic treatments can get overlooked. Ice packs at the end of the day?

Do you have a follow up appointment any time soon or could you ask to either have one expedited or at least get some advice about your situation? I'm pretty sure that you would've had physio after and if this has now stopped, could you phone your physio department to just ask for the advice?

I haven't had your surgery so can't offer any anecdotal advice unfortunately but hopefully I may have triggered an idea or two......


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I have never heard of ibuprofen gel. Do you know where I can get it ?


Are you in the UK?




That's a shame because Ibuprofen gel or cream can be rubbed directly onto the affected area which means the drug gets absorbed into the inflammed tissue. Maybe you could ask your doctor if it or something like it is available in your country? We can buy it without prescription here in the UK.


I appreciate all of yall's advice. I do have an appointment with my surgeon on January 17. I try to buy the best shoes I can . I work with children so I can sit some but I do alot of standing and walking and it all is on concrete . I do take ibuprofen (4 every morning) to last through out the day. At the end of the day my husband has ice packs waiting on me at home. I guess I just expected for these knees to feel like mine by now. I guess that I just have to be patient .


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