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Can anyone help? Lower back pain

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Hello I was previously on the endometriosis UK page although I had a laparoscopy two days ago to find that the surgeon found nothing wrong at all with my reproductive organs, I am now at an all time low. My GP won't see me until Thursday when I have healed from the procedure, although my physio has already referred to a back specialist.

I have already had considerable amounts of time off work, had physio, seen chiropractor and had actupuncture, had laparoscopy, internal and eternal ultrasound scans, bloods etc and nothing has been found.

I have pelvic pain, pain in legs although main concern is the painful twinging in my lower back, it aches continuously although sometimes just twinges so sharply. I am going to try and get s private MRI scan in the next week but have to wait to get a referral from the GP first.

I'm so anxious about having to go back to work, I need to speak to Octpational health and worried they will say I'm not in any better position to back at work before I had the operation which is true but I'm going to lose money and at the same time I still don't have a diagnosis.

Sorry for the long winded post, just wondered if anyone had a similar experience and could give me any insight into what could be wrong , many thanks in advance x

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I suffered similar pain as you describe when I was diagnosed with a slipped disc which was pressing on the sciatic nerve causing horrendous pain in my lower back and down my left leg. Sometimes it felt like a hot knife was cutting me up inside, the pain was unbearable. It's possible you could have some inflammation going on. Doctors don't like referring people for scans because they are expensive. Your doctor needs to continue to support you until the reason for your condition is confirmed. You know your body better than any doctor, don't let them fob you off. Good luck

Thanks so much for your reply Margaret, sorry to hear you have sufferd. I do think my doctor will continue to help me but I just can't deal with the waiting lists, it's making me so anxious. Did you have any other symptoms other than the back and leg pain? Yes I know the NHS don't wanna pay for the scans but unfortunately they have just wasted money on an operation which was a waste of my time :(, how did you get diagnosed?

It was many years ago when I was first diagnosed with a slipped disc; it showed on an X-ray. The burning sharp pain was also felt in my hips. When you're in horrendous pain you just want it to stop ASAP. Sometimes the pains so bad your medication doesn't even touch it. I hope you find some relief from your pain very soon and an explanation for your suffering. I wish you well, try n stay strong.

Have you tried the Pelvic Pain forum? They may have a better knowledge than we have. Although if you have had the tests and nothing shows maybe not. However they might have people there in similar positions.

Pat x

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Thanks Patron, I will also try the pelvic pain forum x

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This sounds very much like I was 20 years ago and that was a slipped disc. I can't understand the reasoning behind a laparoscopy unless you were having heavy and painful periods too, If I were you I would insist on being seen quicker...either that, or take myself off to the hospital and get seen that way!

I've had constant pain all around my right pelvis, into my groin and down leg for about 10years now which is definitely disc related. My Osteo tells me the nerve pain pathway for L5S1 goes round into my groin and I have an artificial disc at this level.

So, definitely, bang the drum for an MRI to properly diagnose what's happenening.

Wishing you good luck with the docs,

Let us know how you're doing please durdledoor



Thanks for your replies, I will go with mri and hope it shows something x

You might want to ask to see a rheumatologist to rule out inflammatory back pain. I'd probably hold off the MRI until Id seen a rheumatologist - an MRI done for inflammatory back pain has different scan sequences to that done just for mechanical back pain (because inflammation shows up in a different way), and they need to know what they are looking for when they order it otherwise they could miss significant problems.

Ok thank you earth, so when you go for an MRI you have to be looking for something in particular, it won't just show up everything? Is that what you mean? Maybe going private could end up being a waste of money en because I don't really know what I'm looking for, just trying to find an answer x

My GP was against MRI when I first asked and admitted the £500 cost was a factor. I went along with blood tests and so on but when I rang her to say pain even worse and meds not helping she straight away said we have to go along scan route now. Had MRI scan on Thursday (short waiting time) and just waiting for results now.

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Hi Bevy, how long did you wait for the scan can you remember? X

I got a letter about a week after gp completed forms and rang to make appointment which was about 2-3 weeks later. Given small choice of where I went for scan but had already decided wouldn't be difficult about days and times so I think that helped. In too much pain to be fussy! Quite impressed how quickly organised.

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That's brilliant Bevy thank you for all the information , all the best for your results xx

I remember that time when my father had an accident and had to face many problems including slipped disc. At that time, he found a very brilliant orthopedic surgeon and got the treatment, know he is fully recovered.

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