Bored and frustrated

Bored and frustrated

I am back living at my dad's house out in the country, coping with chronic groin pain and Fibromyalgia etc. It's beautiful here but there is nothing to do, also slow Internet and limited transport. I  can't drive because of medications, pain killers and chronic pain. I am totally bored and feel  very isolated. I am a social person and the feeling of being cut off from the outside world is tough to cope with at times. 

Anyway moaning over, back to the varied choice of Freeview!!

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  • Freeview?! Oh dear! :-D

  • I was like you and needed to get out so I found out what events and or sort of classes for fun was on through the council and I started with a craft class on a Thursday then someone there suggested a Monday first aid day then a sewing class I met so many people just like myself and having the same problems in life which gave me the confidence I needed and I helped people with some advice

    The list can go on to many other things  try something you'll be amazed and you will get some friends on the way

  • Unfortunately where I live there isn't any public transport and I can't drive at the moment. 

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