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Feeling Frustrated

I am in so much pain at night when I am trying to sleep, and do not get more then 4 hours of sleep.This problem is starting to affect me at work, having difficulties concentrating and staying awake. I have a appointment with my GP in one week and with my rheumatologist on the 24th of April.

I tried using Epson salt bath last night and I got some relief however not much. The pain gets really bad when it gets to a lower temp - 40 degrees or lower.

Which appointment do I mention this issue at?

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Hi If I was you I'd metion it at both appointments,that way you get two oppinions.



I understand you are taking Naproxen and pain in many joints do you suffer RA, if that is the case the condition effects the immune system by speeding up degeneration of the joints. Do you take Pain medications ?? and anything else at this time.

You are seeing your GP next week, mention your sleepless nights. Most medications you possibly take at this time should be taken at night they will help you sleep. so I cannot advise until you know what route the specialist will be taking regards medication.

With regard sleepless nights a warm bath before bed is a good idea, and warm compresses on the joints may be able to ease the pain. It is awkward not knowing what pathway He will take.

Did you see the Specialist before before this GP appointment, then you will see the Specialist after the GP appointment. How often will you see the Specialist, the problem is there is no information available as you see the GP before the Specialist



Thank you for the response,

I am in the process of being diagnosed. So no additional pain medications at this time. I am seeing my GP for a diabetic checkup - she was the one who referred to the specialist. And the medication that I take I do take at night unless told to take it in Morning - good suggestion.

I had a bunch of blood work done by the specialist, the appointment with him is to discuss the findings and possible treatment.

I know there is a history of fibromyalgia, polymyaligia and RA on my moms side; and gout on my dads side. My pain could be from any of these.



I suggest you really stress how much pain you are in to your GP. Keep a diary for a week and tell him how this pain is effecting you. Right now you have a chance to

get improve. Please do not wait or hold back!


Mention it at both. The Gp is a gatekeeper to what you should be referred to.

You are going to need to see someone in a benefits charity to discuss issues in regard to work disability problems to see what work related help you can get.

It is worth seeing an Alexander Teacher to obtain help with muscle control as this may have a bearing with the pain you have at night.

Hope this helps


Ohh very sad to hear all this that you have to work in the state of pain. Its really very bad, I think you should consult a specialist instead of a general physician.


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