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Am I a hypochondriac?

I am in pain I'm sure of that. I've been diagnosed of fibromyalgia, vitamin d deficiency, iron deficient anaemia, hip-displacing, facet joint syndrome, anterior knee pain syndrome, ibs and ehlers danlos syndrome type 3. But I'm just not convinced I mean that's a lot of disorders that don't actually explain all my symptoms every other symptom they explain bye saying I am stressed depressed or anxious and I just think it's wrong. Does that make me a hypochondriac? I mean to be fair I am not imagining symptoms or making them up other people point them out to me and then I notice and worry. I won't deny I obsess about it but mainly because I feel like no one believes me... it feels like something is wrong! I've lost 2 stone in 3 months didn't even notice or intend it, I'm having hallucination type feeling's during sleep where I don't feel asleep but I can't move my doctor suggested I might have sleep paralysis Googled it and matches my issues with sleeping that have just started up. There must be one condition that explains everything? I forget words and things I'm meant to do my short term memory is so bad that things aren't entering my long term memory. I have weeks missing, most recent mishap is my mum gave me some jewellery to take to mine and according to her I took it... but I don't remember that all I know is when I went back to my mums today she screamed at me for leaving the jewellery outside her house... no clue how it got there I thought I left it at hers or something. Another time I left my house keys in the door and went to bed but the confusion was I couldn't remember having got up for days so it made no sense, lots of things like this kept happening until my mum kicked me out. So all the doctors and psychiatristspecialists are saying it's because I'm stressing butI have aspergers syndrome and I never get so emotional I forget things or can't remember words it doesn't make sense! Help please?

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Have you had your thyroid levels checked because if that goes wrong it can effect loads in your body? No you are not, it's just sadly a lot of healthy people don't want to know and make you feel you are a hypochondriac. I have hypothyroidism, hip dysplasia, gestational diabetes and injecting insulin and I feel awful. To top it off have a nice virus this you have many more things going on and are bound to feel awful and worried, it's just some of us are falling apart lol. Hypothyroidism can cause absolutely loads, I think there are over 300 separate symptoms and conditions and memory lapse, sleep problems, fibro, depression, anxiety are just a few. There is also hyperthyroidism which causes just as many problems and weight loss that's when the thyroid goes into overactive and not underactive. There are some conditions not listed also which are closely related x


Hi slippy, are you a hypochondriac, in word, YES, NOT really lol, everyone including me, who have Fibromyalgia has felt like that because of the little known about disease, it's a syndrome that gets to get her with other symptoms and tie themselves together, and unfortunately the Drs have not found anything to stop is because when together they are stronger and not a lot we can do.

They have tried and tried to treat one symptom at a time but alas it won't split, it sort of fights most men's that we are give and no your not going daft ok.

Fibromyalgia is a horrid and evil thing to have BUT let me say that Fibro attacks in two ways, we have a physical side and the other side is spycosamatic, so when your in a hell of lot of pain and you take your painkillers and take the edge of the pain or it stops hurting full stop BUT this is the hard bit to swallow, when you take your painkillers and they don't work at all and people say, it's all in your mind, well it is and 50% and the of Fibro is all in the mind means muscles are sending the wrong messages to your brain but it still hurts like hell. So what I do and it works is to find something to take your mind off it and do something that enjoy, could be jigsaws, reading, puzzles, anything like that.

But most of all, you, me and the rest of us suffers are not stupid we are not mad but we are lovely people and hypochondriac WE DEFFINATELY NOT.

another thing there are lots of info on the net to look for and read because they do help us and the people we love and care for, maybe they are ignorant and bury thier heads in the sand, sod them and move on.

All the best and let's all have a pain free existence.



You are over loaded. When stress gets above stress breakdown point things start to fall apart. You can get all sorts of symptoms, but the cause is overload. You may have genuine physical problems, but trying to get to the root of the them is very difficult for everyone if you are overloaded.

You are going to need to engage in physical activity, physical therapies and mental health spiritual therapies. These will help hopefully to get your stress done to below your stress breakdown point.

Yoga in a class is a good starting point. T'ai chi is another. Some form of physical massage to make you more aware of your body as well as untighten some of your tight muscles. There is meditation and mindfulness taken in a group. You need all working together to start with.

After doing this some sense should begin to come to your symptoms.

Note : people with aspergers syndrome do get emotional. What is read on the web and what takes place in real life can be too highly difficult things. I have met many people with aspergers syndrome.

I given given you a lot of things. Don't expect changes to happen quickly. Problems that have existed for a long time take a little time to resolve.

Hope I have been helpful.


Hello Slipingintochaos

Your Name is exactly what my "world feels" like.

I would like as many Answers as Possible To This Question from Everyone.


Have you ever had Steroid Injections called Epidurals in any part of your Spine? Ever? Whether it has only been one or 20?


I'm tired of Doctors diagnosing Fibromyalgia when these same Doctors Know that you've had Steroid Epidural Injections in your back. Tired of the false Diagnosis. If anyone who's had the long needles that are used to put the pain medication in and then Jabbed into or around your Spine....there's the Spinal Cord right there!

Think about it.

"One" thin as a piece of writing paper, is all it takes with these Epidurals. And you're screwed upon unimaginable Intractable Pain. Fibromyalgia diagnosis takes 11 "pain" points to be physically recognized by Physicians. Fibromyalgia does give one an "odd" day off. Or even half a day doesn't really matter other than you do have certain "unpredictable" days where the pain may go from a 8/10 on the Pain Scale down to 4-5/10 on the Pain Scale. The lesser pain (4-5/10) is not going to last long, a day maybe two if you are extremely lucky. You can get out and about for when you have those lower Pain Level Days but unfortunately those days are in the tomorrows. Reliability of any kind becomes impossible.

Constant Intractable Pain is Not Fibromyalgia and Spinal Specialists know this.....and quess what? So do I.


Poor you, anyone would be confused and depressed with all those diagnosis.

I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia about 23 years and was very involved with a support group, we used to joke that many of our loved ones would think that we were hyperchondriacs because the symptoms mean that any part of our body can present severe pain which is exacerbated by having extra substance P in the spine which conveys messages to the brain. Some sufferers were glad when a diagnosis had been made because at least everyone could see they were not "putting it on".Chronic fatigue, depression, sleeplessness, are some of the symptoms of FM Have you tried joining a support group?.By for now God bless Catherine

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HiHi, I used to run a Fibro support group here in Southport for 11 years but had to give it up because I had the started on my road to Dementia, anyway people cannot see it, it's one of those invisible illnesses, it is a disease in its own right but them up high don't bother lol.

I must admit though I had a very difficult time at first, fms was something people had had not heard of and it was a long hard road getting the message out there and once I started the group there about 50 people turned up in the second and on from there eventually we had about 50/60 on the books it was something I loved doing.

I think anyone with fibromyalgia have been treated as all in your head lol, it isn't, have fun lol.


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u very definitely not a hypochondriac!! and in fact a nursing friend of mine says that a true hypochondriac is a medical nightmare cos they are absolutely sure that every symptom however minor and far fetched is a real medical major problem. What i think u will find as i did but but wouldnt dream on supposition on your personal medical circumstances is that fibro/M.E. is a multi faceted illness with a wide range of symptoms exactly like u describe sometimes covering just about every muscle and joint in your body being physically affected and also its not even the same pattern so sometimes uve one thing like "brain fog" and other days its ok. Also less enlightened gps and especially hospital doctors really dont help cos especially the older ones have actually been educated if thats the word! ie trained that fibro and ME are both illnesses of the "mind" and those who get them and have to go off work with it are wimps looking for an "easy escape" -their words not mine - all i can say to that is u must be joking if u think living like this day to day is a cushy number. Am only telling u this cos its very easy if u being ground down physically and not sleeping so not thinking straight to question your own judgement and i only dare say this to u cos i did exactly the same thing myself especially after repeated suggestions fro the so called experts that i was on the edge of some kind of hypochondria.

Take care of yourself if u can and u will find lots of support of the right kind and very helpful on this site and also some people with a great sense of humour to lighten the load or if nothing else divert u for a while

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