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Pain drugs..want to feel bit better!

Hi.. I have been on 30/500 cocodimal for past year prior to that 15/500...diagnosed Psoriatic Arthritis 4 years ago also stable on 15mg methatrexate.

Had mri 2 lower vertebra/discs bit iffy and swelling on root nerve. Great rheumy and gp.. GP trying to help my pain. Tried gabapentin didn't help so stuck to cocodimal.

Tried dihydrocodeine but reacted so off that. Dr now given me oramorph.

normally sleep ok with pain thanks to amytriplalene 25mg but last few morningsv terrible pain and I thought my pain threshold was high lol.

Anyhow tried oramorph 7 am just 5 ml didn't touch..almost 4 hrs later and still waiting to feel better. Not taken any cocodimal today yet... cocodimal normally kicks in within about 45 mins and expected liquid oramorph to work by now.. maybe I'm in more pain than I think lol.

hoping to get dr appointment tomorrow anyhow but would love your opinions. Thanks :-)

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No idea about oramorph. I take 30/500 and pre gablin and I have diazepam for night time extremes. I don't take it unless I can't cope.


Thx. Take care.


I'm on the same dosage co-codamol as you but need more...am going to doctor in a couple of weeks to try and sort out. I will watch your posts to see what happens with you and I will post what happens with me...perhaps we can learn from each other :) Take care :)


Hey hun thank you. What is your condition.. hope you comfortable soon :-)


I have a few ailments, but the painful ones are osteoarthritis and really bad osteoporosis. I have wedge fractures in the spine and a couple of months ago I crashed down onto the point of a chair arm and I can't describe the pain!!! I managed to get a couple of new fractures and had to have morphine patches for 4/5 weeks. Chronic bone pain doesn't anywhere near describe it! But, I am off the patches now but need to try and get some stronger painkillers than just the co-codamol.....although that has helped. I will keep you posted :)


I always found that opiates didn't really touch my inflammatory pain very much, and in fact regular NSAIDs (full prescription strength) did a lot more for my pain than maximum doses of codeine. I think we are all very different though when it comes to how we respond to pain meds. What will knock one person out, just doesn't touch another. Only thing I can suggest is to try something different, including (if you haven't already done so) one of the NSAIDs - they may not be particularly strong as pain killers, but if by chance your pain has an inflammatory component, they are extremely effective anti-inflammatories and can potentially modify your pain by hitting the cause of it. If that doesn't work, then ask to be referred to a pain specialist for review of your meds and advice.


Thank you good advice, appreciated.


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