Having a bad patch

Hello everyone, iv been having a rough time atm with the neck / shoulder arm & back pain taken all med's but still in agony I have my cervical facet joint injections to look forward to in 3 weeks time it's just trying to get through each day living in a cold house & all I want to do is cry I try to be strong for my family but now I'm alone kids are in bed I just feel sorry for myself , & in a great deal of pain anyone else suffer from nerve impingement & disk damage ?? It's ruined my life 😢 I just wish for brighter days thanks for reading xx

P's any tips on relieving neck shoulder pain iv taken diazepam 2mg, dihydrocodine 30mg ,oramorph 10mg & paracetamol & ibuprofen gel on the area.

Thanks again

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  • Have you tried a simple wheat heat pack. I do find this helps especially with neck and shoulder pain. I have impingment in shoulder and the nerve pain is excruciating.

  • Hi there I an relate to your pain,I have RA and oa,I can't sleep more than a couple off hours, in pain as a result up most of night sleeping in chair,sick to death of this disease

  • Yes my sleep has been disturbed too I wish you all well 😊

  • Yes I do have a wheat bag thanks clare it helps with the muscular pain but that's just about all.

  • Pain killers is not the solution to a situation where muscles have gone into spasm. You will need to check for muscles that have over contracted and if you find any get someone with the appropriate skills to uncontract them by streching the muscle.

  • Hello johnsmith,

    I don't like taking painkillers but I can no longer afford to see my mc timmony chiropractor as he's the only one I trust so in the mean time I'm exercising & eating healthy I do think I'd benefit from massage too I have to book myself in. Also I have cervical facet joint injections in three weeks time. It's also the bone pain I get that radiates around my neck but I fear there's no solution for this. Thanks for your suggestions.

  • Bone pain could be to a muscle pulling on the bone for extended periods. My experience of bone pain is being relieved by McTimmony chiropractor treatment which I get on the NHS.

    So there is the possibility of very small muscles in spasm pulling on the bone. Has the bone pain been checked by an MRI scan?

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  • Yes the mri showed bone spurs on four of my vertebrae & I hear them click when I move my head. It's interesting to find out you can get mc timmony chiropractor treatment on the nhs I paid privately for my treatment which I was getting adjustments once a month for over a year & he almost cured my back but I stopped going as I could no longer afford it. I may ask my gp about getting the treatment on the nhs.

    My back & neck muscles live in a constant cycle of tension , spasm then pain.

    What's the recommended amount of sessions for muscle spasm & duration please.

    Thanks johnsmith 😊

  • See the NICE recommendation on chiropractic treatment. Take them to your GP plus evidence of how the treatment helped you. Argue about cost of treatment versus pain killers.

    Treatment will not cure your condition it helps keep it manageable.

    I cannot advise on recommended amount and duration. This something that needs discussing with your chiropractor. The chiropractor should be able to discuss this free with you for no cost as you are talking about getting information for the GP to try and arrange further treatment on the NHS.

    There is a balance between what helps and what the NHS can give you because of cost considerations..

    You must do your own investigation. It was in todays Daily Mail web page.


    This may help your evidence with the GP.

    Chiropractic is not enough because you have to learn how to improve muscle usage which the chiropractor cannot do. Suggest Yoga or Alexander Technique for learning better muscle usage.

  • Thank you Il try & ask the doctor & do my own research I hate taking painkillers but the nerve pain I'm getting in my right shoulder & arm gets bad I don't know whether muscles can affect the nerves, well I suppose they can as it's all connected

    Thanks. 😊

  • Muscles do affect nerves. Incorrect muscle movement and lack of muscle lengthening after contraction can cause inflammation and this will reduce the space that nerves have, The result increased pressure on nerves.

  • Hello

    Hi really you can get chiropractic treatment on the NHS?

    Do you have to meet certain requirements ?

    Ive got sjogerns & had A trapped nerve in my neck which is also causing some of the pain


  • Hi Dan

    I was told you can get chiropractor treatment on the nhs I'm going to ask my Dr about this next week if so I want to get prescribed some.

  • Hi

    Thanks ive got docs next wednesday. So il add that to the list of things to ask. X

  • Hi i have similur symptoms have had facet joint injections mine didnt help i have to have intercostal injections in my neck on the 7th march . I feel for you i really do it is totally okay to feel sorry for yourself you are not alone . I have morphine patches at the mo but im having to use hot water bottles behind my shoulders and neck that helps for a while . If it gives some relief its worth a go xx

  • I had similar but 5mg of Diazipam, I woke up one morning and the pain had drastically reduced, I have no idea why. I know I tended to overprotect my neck which in turn made the muscles lock up and therefore more discomfort and pain. Still can't bare to go out in car because of potholes and jolts.

    There is a really good cream based on chilliest thaat is really strong and works after five mins like a normal gel but so much more powerful hence can only be bought on prescription. Use gloves to put it on, but it is all natural!

    Good luck Patrick

  • Yes I know the feeling of going over potholes in the road it was excruciating at times for me.

    Is the cream called capcasium cream if so I did try for a few times did nothing other than burn my skin maybe I should have used it for longer. Thanks

    Kind regards Katie 😊

  • Hi Katie,

    That's it capasium cream. The burning sounds horrid. I had nothing like that it was just like putting on body cream and then a warm pain relieving glow.

    I know there are different strengths the two I've seen are 0.19 and 0.25. Perhaps you could chat with your GP and get put on the lowest one and work your way up to your level. I like it because it's natural, it's a cream so doesn't go through your digestive system as I have IBS and it works.

    Hope you've had a reasonable day

    Patrick X

  • It's not been too bad today thanks Patrick, I think Il try the cream again iv got a gp appointment next week so Il ask for some then thanks 😊

  • Hi

    Can a normal doctor prescribe capcasium cream on nhs?

  • Yes I used to get capsacim cream from my gp. 😊

  • Oh that is good to know i am going to ask because last time i asked if there was anything else on this earth they could give me for the nerve pain they said no! so il be asking again x

  • Yes, it's just chilli cream, what's your problem? What med's have you tried? I'm just curious as to what works or at least helps for your pain. 😊

  • Hi, ive been diagnosed with Sjögren's. So ive been in pain with that but on top of that I've got nerve root damage caused from a trapped nerve in my neck. I'm right-handed and my whole arm aches feels like toothache. Neurologist referring me to a pain clinic as he said nothing he can do. Im taking pregabalin i think thats helping a bit. Co-codamel. Ive tried reflexology chiropractor physio osteopath. Lots of heat pads & various creams. But i would like to try the chili cream as a lot of people have said about it xx

  • Sympathise totally, it just gets to the point where you just want a few minutes break from the pain. You've got this far though, you can totally do it. Come on here and have a good moan at us if you need. Sometimes a right good cry helps as well, gets it out the system.

    I use a TENS machine as a bump to pain killers, heat patch and lidocaine patch. Also look into hydrotherapy pools in your area. Most of them are NHS or charity funded needing only a small monthly payment from the user. Warm water to help the pain and a supported environment for movement exercises.



  • Thanks Sarah I asked my pain dr for pain patches but he said my neck pain isn't nerve related so he didn't want to give those. I have a tens machine & wheat bags, I'm just fed up with pain and weakness even typing hurts my arm I might ask my gp if the injections don't work in my neck. Thanks xx trying them for one week can't do any harm x

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