Hello all. Today is the first day I have put on the patch - buprenorphine 52.5. The 32 strength did nothing to relieve my pain - osteoarthritis from neck to legs. I am praying that this new medication will help as have tried so many over the years. Can anybody let me know if they had any success with this and if so, at what strengths. Many thanks

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  • On the weaker patch 72 hours - by Thurs pm will have been on the stronger on. Pain clinic said if that doesnt work they will consider something the moment my pain is as bad as it was last week. No improvement. I am going to make an appmnt with my dr and ask for bone x-rays. Originally I had pain lower back but not its all over my body ....

  • I want a bone density x ray....pain clinic have advised to arrange this via my doc. The present pain is caused by lower back osteoarthritis for which I have been taking co-codamol for years and I have steroid injections every 6 months. My system is getting too used to all this pain relief as I have been on them for so long. Hence the transtec patch....only time will tell if I do get any relief.

  • You need to give the patches 3 to 5 days to see if that dosage works before moving onto a higher level. The doc told me it takes that length of time for levels of drug to build up in your blood. I have tried the 3 different dosages of butrans patches before moving onto 50 100 and now 150mg of palexia. Taking tylex and an anti inflammatory as well.

  • Is it making pain worse ?

    What are the side effects are you having?

  • Will have to wait till 72 hrs are up (Thurs pm). So far, no side effects, nor pain relief.....

  • I had a reaction ,was on fentanyl 3 years it ended up magnifying pain it was in patch form , just so you are aware.

  • I started on 5mg and slowly rose to 20mg. They certainly help me, although I am in constant pain --- lots of fractures! But, I don't take so many painkiller tablets now. You do need to give them a chance to kick in. Good luck :)

  • I take 20 mg along with Tapantedol for same issues. Works well!

  • All I can say is.... Please be careful!

    I have used the transdermal patches like those before... I'm assuming you have the ones that are like an Elastoplast type of material? The problem I found with those kind is the higher the strength, the greater the risk. But the risk I'm speaking of is not what you may have thought about.

    The risk with the higher strength patches is the damage that they do to your skin.

    Whenever I removed those patches... (Which included about four days out of the seven been driven mad with itching). The effect on the skin looks like a really nasty chemical burn. My skin was red raw, blotchy, itchy, and very very sore! And it used to take days & days to heal up.

    I used Sudocreme, E45, and even Fucidin. But it still took ages to heal up.

    So be careful... VERY careful!

    Make sure you don't apply them on a sensitive area, and make sure you apply on a different area each time you put on a new patch.

    If at all possible... Ask your GP to prescribe you some "Durogesic" patches.

    These are what I currently use and are much better than the other type.

    They are a clear type of film like patch, which fall off less easily, but don't mess up your skin.

    Good luck & hope you get on ok


  • Thanks so much Martin for your advice. I dont have a sensitive skin, unlike hubby but will certainly take great care...the instruction leaflet says to put on upper body, but my dr said put on lower body, i.e. thighs, stomach etc.?

  • Martin if you take your patch off and buy some medi wipes from chemists, it cleans the skin and takes any body oils off the area you put the next patch on it stops the itching Jocelyne

  • Martin thats the patches I use but the Doctor needs to write on the script "Transdermal Durogesic Patch if not they want give them to you because they are more expensive for your surgery to pay for I know im on these for over 15 years now and Im always being told oh they cost us a lot...

  • I had the same problem with the patches that i put on my back but the ones on my arms didnt itch. I stopped using them then as they weren't doing anything for the pain anyway.

  • Please note she is using Butrans not Fentanyl which is a different drug. Fats belly- perhaps you have a latex allergy? Not sure if your patch was latex or not.

    Annietap40- Butrans is a medium strength pain killer so if your pain is severe may need to add something to patch in oral form.

  • I wear Butrans but also take Hydrocodone 4 times a day and Cymbalta. I also use Salonpas patches on trigger points . Outback Pain Relief Roll On has been my latest find that really helps with pain .

  • redhots: I am now on butrans 69 strength - only from today so will have to give it some time to ascertain whether its working for me or not. I was prescribed paracetamol 2 x 4 times a day. whether this is going to help or not remains to be seen. I was on co-codamol so wondering if it is safe for me to take instead of the paracetamol, plus the butrans patch?

  • I have never heard of a 69 strength. Is this mcg? As I said I am on 5 mcg/hour and change once every 7 days. NO, do not use co-codamol with the Butrans patch unless your doc approved it . It is codeine + acetaminophen. Paracetamol is acetaminophen only . If you have been on

    Co-codamol for a long time , you may be having some withdrawal pain ? Use the patch exactly as your doc prescribed and only take additional meds with it that he told you to take .

  • On my butrans container this is the strength: 52.5 micrograms one patch every 72 hrs (every 3 days) but have been prescribed an extra 35 mcg cut in half to add to the above. Also same dosage - every 3 days. Hope I have explained this better. Tks for advice re co-codamol - but have been safely prescribed breakthrough paracetamol every 4 hrs (2)....early days I know, but hope it kicks in soon as going away on Mon for 5 days! I am due for an assessment at pain clinic 19 Feb when I can discuss face to face pain relief for my osteoarthritis which I suffer from in lower back and both I am getting older, the pain is getting worse. Happy days - I take each day at it comes and manage to get through as I know there are people far worse than me out there. Tks for your interest.

  • whoops - forgot to mention I live in UK.....

  • What is outback pain relief roll on. If it really helps with pain I'm all ears.

  • It is a all natural roll on oil. If you google Outback Pain Relief, you can read all about the ingredients and how they work . You can also go to their website: for info . Has really helped my sciatic / butt pain and side pain .

  • I wear a pain patch : Butrans 5 mcg , wear 24/7, change one a week.

  • I am to change my butrans every 72 hours....for the record.

  • Do your patches come in a sealed box with instructions inside . My instructions say to change every week exactly on same day and exactly same time . I am a little surprised that you are to change every 72 hours . So every 3rd day you take off the old and put a new one on . You do know you need to put new one in different location and on the opposite side of body . The instructions will show illustrations of where to put. I am in USA, where do you live ?

  • Hi red hits and Annie, I believe the confusion is because Annie is on a transtec patch which is basically a higher strength Butrans patch. Transtec patches are changed every 96 hours I believe. Butrans every 7 days.

  • Sorry about the spell check!

  • My patches have to be changed every 72 hours yes the boxes contain a planner and it shows you what days you put them on and change. ie put on Monday change Thursday take off Thursday put patch on Thursday change Sunday and so on...

    The instruction sheet has a circle which you follow. As I have said I have been on these patches for the last 15 years, I have not been taken off them because the only way to cut them out will take months/year as you can only snip tiny bits off the patch corners . my patches are durogesic D Trans 25 mcg/hr

    durogesic D Trans 100mcg/hr

    Transdermal patch Fentanyl

    I only use one arm as I can not use my patches on my left arm. I have to use medical wipes to wipe off the last patch. the make of my patch is Janssen-cilag ltd

    The back states remove your old patch before applying a new one apply a new patch every 3 days (72 hours)

    I live in Cambridge in the UK my doctors are aware that I can only use one arm and I dont get any bad reactions.

    I wish you well Kindest regards Jocelyne

  • My instructions also show placement on my chest and upper back as long as alternate sides. Never suppose to put back in same place. Must be different in UK?

  • my dr stressed not to put on upper body but on thighs, tummy. I forgot to ask him why but will next time....

  • Looking at my box: Butrans 5 mcg/hour

    (buprenorphine) Transdermal System . Each box contains 4 patches in sealed packets and 4 "disposal units" to discard the old patch in . Instructions are big full sheet of information including illustrations of where to place . Did you get info sheet showing to place on tummy, thighs etc ?

  • thanks so much Jocelyne - I do exactly what you do - am surprised your patches still have effect after so long. Do they get rid of all pain I wonder. I have been on mine since Thurs and to be honest am still suffering. I am going away tomorrow till Friday and will continue with them. Maybe they take a while to get into the system. Kind regards

    p.s. I am in Yorkshire but not from here....

  • Hi im on the transdermal patch 100 mg I have been on it for over 15 years, now Because I became very low after losing my partner, my body jumps up and gives me SHINGLES, now the pain from the shingles has blown my mind, now on 125 mg patch plus 100 amitriplyn and 4 times a day gabapentine 3x100mg. now I know what pain is

  • Dear mason sounds a bit worrying are you on aciclovir for shingles perhaps piriton would help side effect more than some of the hardcore drugs you are on .if you want to chat more let me know I'm concerned about your pain amplification.

  • Ok You state your concerned about my meds bear in mind im 62 next week, these are my meds which thank goodnes comes in medi packs al prep for the whole day..I have told you about my patch but I Oxycodone every 4 hours and Amitriptyline 100 mg at night and Gabapentin 300mg at 3 tabs 3 times a day all for the shingles after nerve attacks.

    I take levothyroxine tables for my thyroid 150mg a day

    Clonidine for hot & cold issues

    Mirtazapine 45mg

    Omeprazole for gastro resistant

    Simvastatin 40mg

    Ramipril 2.5 mg

    a lot of my meds are for Arthritas

    I have two full replacement knees, I have had major surgery on one of my shoulders because of arthritas now My other shoulder requires major surgery because I cant lift it further than my waist and I can pass items from either of my shoulders/ arms. Cant lift wet washing. My hands are painful and I have trouble grasping things. All I can say Im alive, and yes still some pain but who knows after the other shoulder op what my life will be.. Yes I live alone My partner passed away 3 years ago.

  • Bless your heart !!! 62 is young to be on so many meds !!! Are they all from one doc ?

  • Oh yes and the hospital pain clinic, The opiet drugs are strong, I have been off school for the last month, because the Shingles pain PHN which is the most painful pain any one can have and it hits you in the face at any time, at this moment because my shingles pain as I call it or phn I am sitting with no top on, I cant wear a Bra because my shingle rash was under my bra line and round my back and shoulder (I dont know if you know about shingles) If you have had what we call chicken pox as a child/adult. part of it stays in your body, Its a form of chickenpox it embeds in your body and if your body becomes "low" some times it is triggered in the form of shingles a form of chickenpox rash. if I had to put a medical score on my pain and many people who suffer with phn is 20 and rising. I take my meds for this being 100mg amitriptyline and 300mg x3 4 times a day Gabapentin plus the added 25 mg per hour of my patch (already of 100 mg patch = the answer is ywes if I dont change my patch at the stated time because Im to tired to get up and change it - in the middle of the night I wake up in so much pain that I have to change the two patches and take 5 ml of oxycodone (every 4 hours) just to get my pain level down. sorry its been such a long reply but I thank you all for your concern


  • Yes , my husband had shingles, awful !! Hope you heal quickly !

  • You poor thing. Being in pain all the time. shingles is so painful. I havent had it but hubby did a few years back and still gets nerve pain in his arm from time to time. Go back and worry your drs until they do something positive for you.

  • Hi do you live in the UK or where? You said your husband had shingles, can you tell me when he got this painful illness, was your husbands body low, so many people I have talked to on "Patient" line have said they were. and did he catch the illness straight away, in time to get the meds.

    Thank you for your kind words

    Take care


  • I have tried the patches but for me they did not make a difference to the pain. The patches are the least addictive. It's best to start off on lowest dose and work way up to finding the level of medication that keeps pain manageable. I'm on the tablet form now and pain is being kept at at bay on good days.

  • Wow mason .!

    That's a lot of Meds and you are still feisty and determined and can see why you are on the ones you are on.

    But no aciclovir it's for shingles and that virus is stored in our nerve endings.

    So surgery coming up .

    im trying to think of something helpful for you and I'll have to reflect .


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