Feeling sorry for myself

Woke in the early hours of the morning. My right leg felt very warm. On switching the bedside light, I pulled the duvet back to there on show the ugly redness and tender to touch, the size of my palm. Almost certain it a flare up of cellulitis. Phoned 111 for NHS 24. They took my details and I have an appointment at ADOC at 11 this morning. My wonderful step son is going to take me, as I don't feel well enough to drive myself. I did ask my partner to take me, but he was drinking last night.

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  • Gentle hugs and let us know how you get on.

    Pat x

  • Will do x

  • Adoc confirmed cellulitis and have given a 7 day course of 1 flucloxacillin caps 500mg and 2 penicillin V tabs 250mg.

    To make an appointment with my own Gp this week to discuss treatment

    Hugs Liz x

  • Take care Liz hope you are feeling better soon

    Gentle hugs and love Sheryl x

  • you are allowed to feel sorry for yourself - as long as it doesn't last too long!!! :) good luck.

  • Oh bless you, soft and gentle hugs coming your way, hope it isn't too painful for too long. take care and take it easy.


  • Oh Liz you poor thing, I do hope you are feeling a little bit better, I know how scared you must have felt when you woke up, I do feel for you as I have felt /had a simular issue.

    Make sure you rest, and try to keep it cooled down with iced compression packs.

    Make sure your family spoil you a little



  • So sorry...

  • I do sympathise, after cancer treatment I suffered from limphodeoma in my left arm this led to repeated bouts of cullulitis often resulting

    In hospital stays on antibiotic drips. This went on for about 4/5 years then while living in Spain I discovered a limphodeoma nurse who did special massages I went to her for about a year and have never had cellulitis since about ten years now. The swelling in my arm was greatly reduced and is now almost normal I use no compression bandages except when flying this on the advice of this wonderful nurse. I paid for this treatment as it was not on the NHS but in Spain we had a club for breast cancer patients and this massage treatment was available free. Unfortunately not at the time I needed it. I don't know the cause of your cellulitis but it would be worth asking if this treatment would be suitable for you and if so if it's available in your area. It is certainly worth trying if it's suitable for you. My problem was very severe, one attack kept me in hospital for a week and the doctors said it was one of the worst they had seen they even took photos of it to include in my records my usual stays were about three days and sometimes just one day in outpatients. One time was so bad I had to have my wedding ring cut off and I ended up with four rings of different sizes I now have a lovely white gold ring that I wear all the time I sold all my spare ones and put the money to the one I have now. My original I had made into earrings that I also wear a lot. It's not just the swelling and discolouration it's the fact that it makes you feel so very ill. I hope it's possible that this treatment may be possible for you and if so that it works it is certainly worth trying. Good luck.

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