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Feeling abandoned

Visited the chiropractor yesterday. She has been more than a physical therapist for 5 months now, encouraging me to be positive, delighting in any progress, really taking my case seriously. During the visit she suggested that she had reached the end of being able to help me at the moment. The acupuncture is only making a difference for about two days and she can't suggest any exercises or physically work on me without giving too much extra pain.

I have a new assessment appointment next week with the pain clinic and the chiropractor is hailing they will be able to suggest something that will take down the inflammation to allow her to work on building out the muscles in my back, buttocks and legs that are beginning to waste due to inactivity.

But for now I feel abandoned. She is honest and is not going to take any more of my money but this feels like a step in the direction of no hope.

As for the Dr in the pain clinic las time I saw him he decided I had sacrioilic joint disfunction, decided he was going to give me injections and offered no other therapy. I told him about my lumber spine pain but he dismissed it almost.

So not a lot of faith. In his defence though I know he has been working one or sometimes two members of staff down for years.

The chiropractor suggests that more SI joint injections should be tried or even oral steroids against. Just to give me a breathing space to work on the poor muscle tone. Its a vicious circle of pain stopping movement and lack of tone allowing more pain.

How to speak to Pain Clinic doctor and get him to think like my chiropractor ! ?

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The chiropractor is trying to work with your doctor, it seems to me. And that is the way round it should be. I'm not sure what other therapies you would like the clinic to suggest. Go with the flow for now.


Honesty must be respected. Your loss is more than therapy, it's also a friendship. That's maybe weighing on your mind too.

But on the positive side, you can start the next step in your pain journey.

Your body has reached it's limit for her type of therapy, now someone else can help you, and when they've reached their limit, someone else.

I'm on my 11h alternative therapist over 13 years. Each have been excellent in what they do and each have helped my body and mind. Some I returned to after seeing someone else.

It's the start of making even more connections and meeting great people who are interested in the whole of you, not just the bit that hurts.

She's right that the pain clinic may have other solutions. I don't know what abilitylevel you are at, but maybe a remedial yoga or pilates class could help. I do a pilates class from time to time - it's very gentle and we do it sittibg on a chair. Look for an experienced instructor. Something you can do yourself - Hydrotherapy in a warm! swimming pool, float on your back in the corner holding the sides and pull yourself backwards and forwards occasionally. It's very relaxing.

I know being told by a therapist they csn do no more is a huge negative thing, but turn it round to a positive - there are hundreds of therapists out there just waiting to help you.

If your body needs a rest, maybe do something for your mind (not suggesting there's anything wrong with it, but relaxation helps the pain levels) theres mindfulness, aromatherapy - bliss - gentle massage with oils and soft music - relaxation beyond belief - amazing how much tension is released. Indian head massage, hand or foot massage, find some meditation on you tube and lie down for an hour, takes a while to get the hang of, listen to study music - also on you tube - uses different brain waves, join a knit and natter session - you don't need to be able to knit :) get some quick growing seeds - veggies or flowers and start an indoor garden, install a bird feeder and watch their antics, so much to do instead.

And from what she is saying, once the inflammation is reduced, she can do more work on you.

As buzz in toystory said "from here to infinity!"


For the inflammation try erythromycin. This is an extremely good anti-inflammatory. It has been trialled for its anti-inflammatory affects. Do a Google research on this. I have used it several times for its anti-inflammatory effects rather than its antibiotic.

For muscle tone issues see an Alexander teacher.

I have great suspicions about the chiropractor. I have had chiropractic treatment on the NHS since 1994. CHiropractors deal with things which effect the spine and joints by releasing stuck muscles. This requires sensitive hands. Building up muscle is not a chiropractors area of training and is fairly specialised. So you may not be getting the best possible chiropractic treatment.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks for your comments johnsmith. Maybe I didn't make myself clear about the chiropractor. My muscle tone is diminishing. Even the easiest of activity renders me in greater pain the next day. Low muscle tone = more strain on my spine and pelvis = less muscle tone. I actually have huge faith in her as a practioner which is why I feel lost without her encouragement and advice. I couldn't do Alexander technique. I used to do Plitates and that was wonderful before this stage of degeneration.

Today I plan to try to walk for 10 minutes and perhaps try a hamstring stretch. So stiff that I feel like a scarecrow. Look a bit like one this morning so perhaps time for the shower.

Thanks everyone who replied


What do you mean by muscle tone is diminishing?

Is this MS or something else?

Alexander Technique will help if you have enough muscle control. If you are losing muscle then it is important that you are balanced weight wise. Ie the head is balanced on top of the spine. The centre of gravity is balanced between the ankles. Your movements revolve around the joints rather than bracing the joints as well.

Why could you not do Alexander Technique. Is it because you found a bad teacher or made your decision based on reading books about the technique?

Just trying to get a better understanding of what is happening to see if your situation is beyond my knowledge or is within my knowledge.


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