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Sorry - lengthy post

I won't detail my history here as it is very lengthy - see profile. I have had multiple spinal surgeries and pain management procedures and a Thoroscapular Fusion.

I had a Private Pain Management Consultation on 29th August ( to allow more time with doc and reduce pressure on NHS when I can get Simply Health cover for my outpatient consultation. The treatment was due at an independent hospital commissioning to the NHS.

My GP sent a referral on 8/9/14 detailing the 2 procedures the PM doc recommended: Right side SI joint RF Denervation and a 'Racz' catheter Targetted adhesiolysis and epidural injection.

Referral got lost at hospital for 2 weeks

When found, appointment was sent out for an outpatient consultation not the procedures detailed in the clinic letter, which I sent copy of to PM secretary to be absolutely certain of accuracy.

This was finally corrected and an appointment made for the procedures on 26th Nov -.the soonest available date, despite being referred on 8th Sept.

Pre op arranged early to allow possibility of taking a cancellation due to delay AND the very high levels of pain.

At pre op I highlighted the consent form had only the SI joint RF Denervation in it and nurse wrote other procedure on a post it note for amendment.

Arrangements made for lengthy recovery as Doc had advised this was last attempts before referral on for a set of spinal cord stimulators - which I really don't want.

I planned Significant time off from self employed work as a counsellor and some quite vulnerable clients prepared for my time off. Also, payment made for a break on south coast mid Dec to aid recovery. So great investment in time and money ( which I don't have

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Thank you for sharing. I

s it cos paying got things moving? Is that what you are saying?

Pat x


Thanks for replying Pat, no the consultation part is not the problem - the problem is that because the hospital messed up the admin so badly I have to have 2 admissions instead of 1 and the time I should be recovering and benefitting from the break we planned I'll be having the other part of the treatment.




Got it.

So have you lost all your R&R?

Obviously the hospital can't help?

Insurance cover?

Clutches at straws here.

An expensive life experience I gyess.

Pat x


Surely as private company they are bound legally to make corrections to their contracted services and if not, then financial amendment?


Thanks Pat and Heorte, as they are commissioning to the NHS I'm not sure how I stand as far as rights are concerned. I wasn't able to insure the break we planned for R&R as I was on a waiting list but thought that planning it for 3 weeks later would be ok. The worst bit is having to have 2 lots of face down procedure instead of 1 because of the effects of that on my neck and shoulder.

We are just so powerless as chronic pain patients it seems to me.



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