Sorry not. Even on lately

Had my appointment with rheumatologist last wes he was brilliant lovely man explained everything examined my joints my knee and hand were swollen and he was very caring

I have to go back for a scan on my hand 🤚 just waiting on the appointment also just got a letter through this morning I have sero negative inflammatory arthritis I'm. Ring referred to chapel allerton hospital they undertake more patients with this hope everyone is feeling in not too much discomfort x

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  • Hello,

    Do feel for you as I too was diagnosed with sero-negative RA way back in the 80s, after much suffering and disability... very swollen joints (hands, knees, ankles) and extreme pain.. Also the doctors could see all the swollen painful joints and my great difficulty in walking it took them a very long time to come t the conclusion I had sero negative rheumatoid arthritis.

    I was put on many drugs which ruined my stomach... but what else to do? Had to spend long periods of time in hospital... Have been on biologics drug now for over a decade which have helped greatly regarding pain and mobility. I do hope you have been given a decent treatment?

    Take care.


  • I don't know what he's deciding yet hun I'm back for a scan on my hand 🤚 when I get appointment through also he asked if any of the family had been on methotrexate xx

  • So he has not even started you on any treatment? Strange. You perhaps should ask him about your treatment options in order to relieve pain but most importantly to slow down the disease.

    Good luck.

  • I think I might be being referred to another hospital that deals with the disease but he could be waiting until I've had my scan done x

  • You need to be looked after well. So make sure you get help.

    Wishing you the very best.

  • Thank you sooo much for your nice replies xx

  • Dear Deejojo,

    I'm sure apology accepted but.....apology for what????? IF you have 'Posted', or replied, in a way that is maybe Offensive, I certainly haven't seen it! In any event most of us ARE Grown Ups!

    Please do, rest assured, that whatever you said/wrote, or inferred, is unlikely to have caused offence.

    Warmest Wishes


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