And so the process begins again

As my health deteriorates am my day to day struggle to do even simple tasks, I am putting myself back on the treadmill of get PIP.

A lovely lady at CAB filled in my form. My lovely daughters supported me and answered questions of how I cope on a daily basis, so overall it gave a true picture of my needs.

I did break down in tears as much as I try to maintain to them how much I can cope and even how I have tried to hide my depression, they see things more clearly.

So now the waiting game begins.

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  • You sound like you have applied for PIP in the past? Is that right?

    Ypu will notice how it is a tick box on how much help you need. It doesn't ask you anything sensible.

    But hope you get it - it is all changing again soon


  • For better or worse, one wonders

  • I will hide the answer in this worse sentence somewhere you just have to find it - Just like DWP do.....


  • What's it changing pat best wishes to u and david.

  • There is a consultation out at the moment from DWPP , which closes tomorrow, on the use of aids and appliances.

    DWP have found that many people only score points from this one descriptor. DWP feel it is wrong that once people have bought tat aid or appliance they should still get the same weekly rate as someone who needs daily care.

    Right - now deete all that rubbish and insert...they are lookig at yet another way on how to get more people off getting anything. ie cutting te cost to us.

    They changed it from DLA to PIP purely to save money. That didn't work as just as many people claimed cos they were still sick and stil disabled. We don'y magically get better!

    There is a huge group of us who were on either indefinite or life time awards all about to migrate from DLA to pip. Hundreds of thusands are they want to cut as many out as they can.

    Evil IDS

    Hop this makes sense


  • Glad to hear you got help from CAB. And your daughters were there for you.

    Appeal rates I hear are good, if you have to go down that route. Time to treat yourself now in some way after that awful ordeal.

  • Make sure the assessor gives you a summary of their findings at the end. I didn't know they were supposed to and so a liar called Bridget or Brede Kelley fabricated stories about how I walk my dog in the park and cook my own meals while raking my medication gregularly. In fact she lied on every single question including her statement that the professional advocate who was with me was a friend. I knew she was doing this as my advocate pointed out that she was typing the opposite to what she saw or heard . I wish now that I had stopped the process and demanded to see a manager. ATOS responded to the complaints from myself and my advocate by saying she was highly professional but refused to comment on obvious errors she had made.

    The reconsideration was just as bad, I got 0points because I had used the wrong jargon in my application., previously I had been awarded High rate DLA for life as the nerves in my legs will not grow back. Within 2 weeks my car was taken and DLA was stopped as was my income support, incapacity benefit with serious disablement extra. Then they deducted £25 a week because motability gave me £2000 .

    Then they said they had ignored my doctors letter so they would do another reconsideration. The result was that there was no change as it was informal but that I had now missed the deadline to apply for an appeal.

    I can't get out of the house now, the nearest bus stop is too far for me to get to so I can't get to the CAB or any other organisation as they don't do home visits so basically if I can't find help before the freezer is empty that will be it,

    I don't know what to do with my dog either, I might have to kill him rather than let him starve, I dreading it and hoping that something will suddenly come up but it's getting even worse. PACE were going to help me but yesterday I had an email saying that they had closed down.

    This is the point of swapping DLA for PIP, it's designed for the dictator Cameron's 2nd genocide.

  • Hi

    Did you not take it to appeal and go to a tribunal hearing?

    It's hard going but I persevered and won.

    The report from my face to face assessment, was 50% lies so I too lost my entitlement to a Mobility car.

    I'm not too sure why you lost all of your income? PIP is separate 'any' income apart from the severe disability premium which you get as an adjunct to your ESA if you get standard rate 'daily living' or not?

    Do you not get ESA?


  • Sorry, after 're-reading' your post, you say you've missed the deadline to appeal - CAB via telephone should be able to help with that.

    You can also, re-apply for PIP - your circumstances 'can/have' changed in the time since your last claim!

    Also, if you're totally 'stuck indoors ' - Call your GP to ask for a telephone consultation and tell him/her, formally that you're now destitute, can't pay your rent so will be homeless soon and as he'll/she'll know your medical history, he/she can set the wheels in motion to get this started up again.

    You can't be left like this with no income whatsoever!!


  • No have not missed deadline, has to be returned by 5th Feb. I was being sarcastic at them sending a reminder. No my form should be with them now, for them to peruse and no doubt want a F2F. I am more than ready for the battle ahead



  • it is a nightmare going through this I have done it with face to face they seem nice but it is an interrogation and they pick up on every word you say and every move you make

  • Did you take anyone with you ? You should phone DWP now to get a copy of your F2F. Also if you can remember how long you were in with the assessor. And what you said.



  • thanks liz I was in my self I will do that thanks again....T

  • Hi,

    I've just filled in my PIP paperwork & got my assessment this next Friday Feb 8th 2016. Just hope I don't loose any of the benefit I am on at the moment. Just don't know how I would manage if I lost the benefit.

    Hopefully Jean, the Behcets Centre Of Excellence support worker would be able to help me fight for a second opinion.

    Am already stressed about my ESA, they have cut my benefit in half. I have already had assessment for that and am waiting for decision to come to come back any time soon.

    Stress makes my condition flare up, which really isn't helpful at all!!!

    Take care,

    Clare x

  • Hope this is a typo cos Friday is 6th February.

    Pat x

  • Should say Monday 8th Feb, got hospital appts on 6th in London one for infusion & one for clinic appt with Behcets Professor!

  • Didn't want you turning up on wrong day


  • Good to take an advocate with you. Or a friend/family for support. Wishing you all that you need and deserve



  • Yes iam the same stress not good I lost a lot with my pip and no way of making it up from any other dept my only saving grace is my mortgage is paid or I couldn't cope

  • I was on Esa in the support group with the disability premium but 3 weeks after losing PIP I was put on JSA. My complaint to ATOS was escalated but the final reply was that the nurse who assessed me was highly professional although they refused to comment on the fact that she didn't give a summary of her report. My advocate was the manager of southwark victim support but both this and my specialists letters were ignored. I now live in Lewisham. The CAB is open 6 hours a week and the queues go round the block

  • Hi again Ydontujustdie

    Like I asked in my post to you:

    Did you not take your PIP decision to appeal to have a tribunal hearing?

    Also, the DWP can't just 'put' youon JSA without an assessment, ie, you filling in another claim or review form.

    If you were on ESA in the support group then you must've had relevant medical evidence for that - your earlier post says you were originally given a 'lifetime' award of DLA. Again, your medical evidence for that should still be relevant?

    I know the goalposts have changed and any DLA award is totally ignored when being assessed for PIP.

    I know the changeover has totally changed & devastated people's lives but we/you have to appeal - take it as far as we can go to prove how our disability affects us.

    Why are they saying you missed the deadline to appeal?

    Did you not decide to start the process off as soon as you received your 'reconsideration' letter?

    I really feel for you - Like I've said, as a result of an awful face to face report, I lost my benefit but was determined not to let them win!!

    I don't understand how they put you straight onto JSA without any warning?

    Re your CAB - I don't live anywhere near you so don't know what your area is like but surely your GP can back you up with your medical issues to help you?

    I really am trying to help you - there maybe something you've missed or not thought of?

    Also, have you been on the Benefits and Work website? They've got a wealth of knowledge and a support system in place - very 'anti' the DWP & new welfare reform!!! Very interesting site!!

    Hope you get it sorted soon.


  • The other suggestions ; write to you MP. I had the help and support of my MP, 3 councillors and the manager of southwark housing when I first became even less mobile than previously after being attacked by a Rottweiler. I could not get up the stairs to my flat and was declared homeless by one pRt of the council housing office but because of that I Had to be assessed by the homelessness office. The proudly racist housing officer told me that as I had managed to get all this help I must be capable of organising my own housing needs.

    I had written to my new MP after I moved home and the reply was encouraging until the election and then the mailbox closed. So I wrote to my new MP and have received no reply.

    I live in Lewisham, that should tell you everything, there is no accessable CAB. Front line social services are cut down to palliative care only and I had to threaten SCAIT with a crime report if they did not give me an OT assessment.

    The result of this was a hostile OT visit with no contact afterwards at all and when I phoned I was told that I couldn't apply for anything for two years in any case.

  • I had a nightmare with my ESA & just because I moved DWP decided I needed to change from DLA 2 PIP as well! I am very pleased to say, that after writing 2 letters and backing both with medical evidence, plus a face to face consultation I got awarded Support group status😊 They had to back pay me a tidy sum & my payments have doubled to what they were in the first place😊. I am one happy bunny😊 x

    I have my Pip assessment on Monday, just hope they feel the same way as the doctor at the ESA Centre did! X

  • One thing I will say is to never give up.

    Keep records of all your hospital appointments.Talk about your worst days.

    Don't try to be a hero and hide your pain.

    I have helped a quite a few people get their PIP and I also got mine.

    If you do need any assistance please let me know.

    Good luck with your PIP application.

  • Thank you. My eldest daughter (31) and CAB are in my corner and even my Gp is being very helpful

    Hugs Liz

  • Wow! I feel so bad for you! Can anyone explain all these abbreviations and what all is happening here? I'm from USA but hub looking at a job there. I can't go somewhere where I can't be treated for my pain. If never survive. You can pm me if more suitable to answer there.


  • PIP Personal Independent Payments is a benefit for those in or out of work if you are chronically sick or disabled. It is designed to help meet the extra costs. It is paid to those who are assessed and pass the strict criteria test. It replaces DLA Disability Living Allowance as the DWP Department of Work and Pensions want to save money.

    CAB Citizens Advice Bureau where you can get free advice.


  • Hi Liz like u I applied for PIP & ESA & I waited nearly 2yrs to get my assessment for both, I don't know if it was a coincidence but they were a few days apart 😕 anyway when I got to the assessment centre for my ESA, my partner as always had to help me get out the car etc & then I was delayed due to the other assessor that was supposed to be working that day wasn't, anyway the assessor I got was lovely she didn't try & make me do any exercises she took one look at my meds that I take & told me I didn't have to. I was honest & told her what my partner & kids had to do for me the aids I use to help, It was def worth the wait tho as I was put into the support group, but totally diff from my PIP medical the woman wanted me to do these exercises which I told her I couldn't do but she wouldn't take no for an answer & told me to try but I refused, as my first ESA assessment was similar & then I couldn't move for over a wk 😢 don't be pushed into doing anything u can't do even like me they ask u to try DONT its not worth it ... Fingers crossed for ya, if any of ur medication changes let the DWP know or any other changes .. & make sure when u do get ur assessment u take any hospital appointment letters, any help from SS with grab rails etc .. If youve got a good Doctor that'll help aswell 😊 I hope everything works out for u tho good luck 😊

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