I am having an attack of diverticulitis at the moment and feel pretty awful, I was diagnosed some time ago. I am going to get some natural yogurt and some Danone drinks to try and help my stomach. I was wonderng if anybody out there has any helpful information if they suffer with the problem. The last time I had a bout of it the chemist advised me to go to the doctor but the doctor said there was nothing he could give me but in the end a practice nurse prescribed some anti-biotics. I am feeling pretty poorly and a bit sick as well. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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  • Oh dear, hope you feel better soon but if this is a repeat may be you should seek a referral to a gastroenterologist for a proper scan/diagnosis? My mother-in-law had that and required consultant-led treatment. They gave her potions and nutritional advice. 👍🏼😜

  • Thank you for taking the time to reply to me. If things don't improve soon I will have to seek further help. My GP is a super chap but doesn't take it very seriously but I will have to insist that something is done if it goes on much longer. Thanks again.

  • Hi P, I think you're right to be concerned. People think diverticulitis is some kind of old granny thing but it's quite serious, anyone can get it and should have proper treatment. I read the book, ' fibre menace' which really made me think about gut issues! Best wishes and hope you feel better soon.

  • Thanks very much, feeling a bit better today but still pretty knocked out. Much appreciate your kind word and info.

  • You could look into something called kefir which has more beneficial bacteria than the yoghurt. Possibly fresh sauerkraut as well. Definitely important to get some good bacteria back in if you've been on antibiotics. I have a different problem but have been doing a lot of gut research and these are things that I'm trying. Bone broth, ie stock made by simmering chicken bones , beef bones, or any bones, sounds trendy but is very soothing to an irritated tummy.

    Hope you feel better soon.

  • Thank you so much for taking the time to reply and for the information. I will look into the Kefir and fresh sauerkraut. I do actually boil up chicken bones to make soup so will try that. Many thanks for our good wishes.

  • Aloe vera is very soothing for the stomach.My dad had this problem many years ago,I got him some psyllium which helped to shift the build up in his gut.The gut is known as the second brain so is crucial to every function.Ginger too is soothing and of course yoghurt.I think if you can stay away from dairy yoghurt though.Hope this helps!!!

  • Hi "Diana", Many thanks indeed for replying about diverticulitis and suggesting Aloe Vera, you are the second person to suggest this so it must be a very good thing to take. Not sure what "psyllium" is but will look it up on the internet. I am very grateful to you and all the other members who have kindly responded. It's so helpful to learn from others who have experienced this or know people who have. Obviously it's quite a complex problem, more complex than I realised. Thank you once again for your help.

  • You are most welcome.Psyllium husks are the base ingredient of Fibregel etc My dad certainly felt better after trying them.Everyone is different so try perhaps a couple of teaspoons in the morning with a little yoghurt and eat quickly otherwise it will form a gel.Aloe is very soothing I have been taking a variety of medication and find that aloe helps enormously in soothing the gut.

  • Thanks Diana for recommending Psyllium husks, I'd never heard of them before. I am beginning to feel a bit better but tummy still not quite right yet but I expect it will take a few more days to settle down completely. This is such a good site, everybody has been so kind and I am grateful to you and all the other people who have responded to my plea for help. Many thanks again.

  • You are most welcome!

  • Sorry I forgot to mention diet. I used to love seeded brown bread, Hovis but learnt its a no-no for this condition. I tend to eat more fresh veggies, fish and no fried foods. My stomach tells me this is best for me....

  • I have had great success with aloe vera juice. It is not a cure but keeps it well under control. Tastes awful, and the flavoured variety are expensive so I added it to a little Ribena. Two dessertspoonful's each day, I took one in the morning and one in the evening. It is up to you whether what you take but wise to let the GP know. If you are taking other meds. I have not know it clash with anything but one can't tell.

  • Thanks very much "beauty96" for the info. about Aloe Vera Juice. I don't mind if it tastes awful, it's worth it if it keeps things under control. At least it's a natural substance which is always a good thing. Thanks again for your helpful comments. I much apprecate it.

  • I get frequent bout's of Diverticulitis, I had an operation for it but it will never be cured from what I have been told diet makes a difference but not much in my experience, I have been told to grin and bear it! If you get too many occurrences they can cut the bad bit out (the bit where the sacs cause the blockages )but if you have that you walk about with a bag that collects your poop until they do something called a reverse procedure sorry I can't help with anything more positive.I have found that cutting most dairy products does help me don't know if it will help you?

  • Yes, Dello - thats exactly my interpretation of diverticolitis. Consultants are not keen anymore to operate and advise change of diet. As you say, its hit and miss where food is concerned and everybody is different. So it is a matter of eat what suits you and dont eat what gives you cramps.

  • Forgot to say I see a great consultant Digestive diseases, my daughter is studying to specialise in this field ,unfortunately the funding is not available here in the UK so she has gone to the States where the funding and the expertise is

  • Thank you Dell01 for your help. I was once told by a herbalist that I was intolerent to diary so perhaps I ought to have another go at using an alternative again. I don't want to have an operation unless it is really necessary. Have they ever given you antibiotics as they say diverticulitis can cause inflammation of the gut and also the little sacs can get infected? It's a great shame your daughter has gone to the States where there is more funding etc. Thanks again

  • I have had antibiotics many times . it is when the sacs get infected that they do the operation I think ? Fibrogel is really good for helping you go regularly and stops your poop causing the blockages I genuinely swear by it all you do is put the powder in a glass top up with water stir and drink I have it twice a day , dont make the mistake I did once put the water in stir then leave whilst answering the phone , went to drink it five mins later and it was like jelly ! lol

  • Thanks again Dell01 for recommending Fibrogel. I am very grateful to you and all the kind people who have given me such helpful advice. This is such a good site to find get help when you need it urgently when you are suffering.

  • They can operate on this

    I had it years ago and I had to change my diet.

    Plenty of wholemeals and fruit with skins on. Will keep you regular.

    If not already they will scan the problem part of the bowel or tubework. It is a narrowing or weakness


  • Hi Bob, Thanks for getting in touch re diverticulitis and info. on wholemeal foods and fruit. I am trying everything I can but not much is helping at the moment. The diarrhoea is the worst and it's making me feel so weak afterwards, I just crawl in to bed. The chemist prescribed Immodium which does work for about a day and then it all comes back if I don't keep taking it. I will have to try and see my GP soon to get it sorted I think,

  • I have suffered with diverticolitis on 2 occasions and the second time was admitted to hospital. I was told it is common in the elderly. In hospital I was given morphine and antibiotics, sent home after 3 days and it took a good two weeks before my stomach felt as though it hadnt been kicked in! I also suffer with IBS and take Buscopan which relaxes the bowel to some degree....the cramps from diverticolitis can be very severe and each time my IBS flares up I worry incase it is actually the diverticolitis. I have learned to live with it as not much can be done to cure - the pain reminds me of child birth contractions but soon forgotten again. Good luck and hope your doc can prescribe a decent painkiller. I take co-codamol for my arthritis so continued with that when cramps become unbearable. Morphine obviously is the best, but very difficult to get a prescription for it. Hope this has helped.

  • Thanks Annie for your reply and helpful info. I am sorry you also suffer with diverticulitis and IBS too and that you have obviously had a bad time with it all. Did you have Diarrhoea when you had attacks of Diverticulitis? I thought I had it under control until today and now the diarrhoea is back again. The chemist gave me some immodium to control it but it seems to work for a day and then it's back again. I am beginning to wonder if it is Diverticulitis or something else. I have been in bed most of the day today as I have felt pretty terrible. I have been trying to eat all the right food etc. but it doesn't make any difference. I have been trying not to go to the doctor and sort it out myself but I think I will have to a.s.a.p.

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