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I m having chest pain for 2 years

Hi i'm 28 years old and i m having chest pain for 2 years i did ekg echo and all test of heart doctors said it find just my pulse was fast once 137 pulse and in the morning was 47 pulse he told me to not worry then i made gastros for stomach, result was infection and helicobactery i did all treatmens but pain never goes from my chest and whats important to tell that makes me worrie its becasue i m tired even if i have full night sleep i get tired fast and i can see my pulse on my neck dont have to pres with hand because u can see pulse on neck and sometimes i can feel pulse even onn top of head in the hand 2 please anyone can tell me about this experience. Sorry for bad english!

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Two suggestions...

1) Chest pain and episodes of fast heart rate (known as tachycardia) can be caused by severe iron deficiency. Get your ferritin, serum iron, transferrin saturation, and total iron binding capacity (TIBC) measured. You may need to take iron supplements. I had chest pain and tachycardia caused by severely low iron, I don't absorb iron very well, and it took me ages to get my levels up. If you have low iron and trouble absorbing iron, then going on a 100% gluten-free diet can help absorption in some people, even without coeliac disease.

2) Another possibility is that you have thyroid problems - most likely underactive thyroid, but overactive thyroid is possible too. There is some overlap in symptoms so testing is vital to distinguish the two. The things you need to test for thyroid are :


Free T4

Free T3

Thyroid antibodies : They are listed on this page :

If you have thyroid problems then your minerals and vitamins are likely to be low. Include the following tests as well :

Vitamin B12


Vitamin D

and I've already mentioned all the iron tests above which are relevant to thyroid problems as well.

For all the tests I have mentioned :

1) Get the blood taken for the tests as early as possible in the morning, before 9am.

2) Don't eat from 10pm the night before until after the blood is taken, then eat what you want.

3) Don't drink anything except water between 10pm the night before until after the blood is taken. Make sure you drink plenty of water, because dehydration should be avoided.

Ask for copies of all your test results including the reference ranges, then you could ask for advice on the Thyroid UK forum on HealthUnlocked :

Post on there giving your symptoms and results and ask people if they (your results) are okay or not. Just remember that I could be sending you in the wrong direction and your problems could be nothing to do with iron, other minerals and vitamins, or your thyroid. So don't panic.

Good luck!


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