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Sharp Nerve and bone and brain pains all together

For the last 10 years I have had horrible drop to my knees pain. It started out in the upper left part of stomach area what happened when I saw my primary care is he did a tap test on the left side all around the stomach then he did the right side of stomach tapping the back of his hand and listening he had an ambulance pick me up at his office and take me to a hospital where after xray scans thry found nothing so that was the was the beginning.pains in my body began to strike everywhere and I would have spasms so bad they would damage the muscles in my leg and arm and neck. One of the first diagnosis given was costrocongists something women who are pregnant get that was thought to be causing the pain around stomach area now top and botton. Then I was getting pneumonia twice a year seemed like as for the spams medicine was prescribed and it was determined I had intercostal nerve damage so I started taking 3600 mg of gabapentine a day and 10/375 Percocet 4 times a day 150mg smbalta a day plus pills to conteract the side effects been on this same drugs every single day for 8 to10 years. Pains were increase they were all over my body like stepping on glass kind of pain so went back to primary many times and once he wasaway having back surgery so the replacement did the same stomach tapping test and lowand behold straight off to the hospital they sent me where again all tests showed nothing. So they sent me to a doctor who was a rheumatologist he decide I had a severe cause of Fibromyalgia Nd more. Medsand vitamin s were needed he sent to this shock treatment guy with two probes he shocked the heck out of my arm with his decision was my alnow nerve in my elbows were dead assumi g that many more were to. So now it fibromyalgia so that means no further steps excect steroid injections but now what is happining is when I have a sharp pain in my body anywhere then within seconds a sharp stabbing pain in my brain occurs evertimt now many times a day loacated on left side of brain sometimes dack of head and lately right behind my eyeballs. There Is a growing feeling to just step infront of a train the pains could someone please help me even mayo client cant figure it out any ideas I am still on all those meds and now disability what do I do.

Ple a se excuse my spelling I am a 58 year old male looking for relief and hope


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Arrange for a good long relaxing massage. It is a guess. I suspect that the pains are due to muscles over tightening. If it is the massage by relaxing over tight muscle will reduce the pain and discomfort. This is likely to be a temporary fix.

This is still leaves the problem of loss of good muscle behaviour which needs to be remedied and controlled. Unfortunately muscle control problems is an area that the medical people know very little about. It is worth looking at taking up yoga to help with tacking the problem of muscle over tightness. This will give you a chance to see if some sort of physical activity practice helps bring the issue under control or whether further investigation of the nervous system is warranted.

You need to investigate yourself.

Hope this helps.


A very long shot, but might connect. Especially as you mentioned Fobromyalgia, I had fibro type pains, tiredness and brain fog.

I had nerve shocks all over, likened to electric shocks every few seconds which was down to low thyroid, also I had low, grey area B12 bloods.

Also B12Deficiency and Low thyroid (Hypothyroidism) mimic each other. (You can have both.)

Can you get a print out of your last bloods done and their ranges printed off ? there are grey areas in both B12 Deficiency and Low thyroid that Doctors overlook or miss.

My fibro pains went overnight once I was optimally medicated with Levothyroxine.

Pop up your results on Thyroid Uk on here for other members to help you.

Even if just to rule out both Low thyroid and B12 Deficiency.


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