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Sharp pains on what seems to be my brain but im not exactly sure. Its NEVER happened before and im really scared

I was laying in bed and all of a sudden a numbing, sharp pain ran through what seemed like my brain, but im not sure, on the top of the right side of my head. I dont know what it was. It happened maybe five minutes ago and it feels numb. Is this dangerous?

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my neuralgia started like this not dangerous but can become really painfull I think a bad tooth abscess caused nerve damage with me if you've had any dental work done recently could be the cause if the pain gets worse I would see a doctor hope this helps


I would go into A/E immediately. Could be aneurism. Not to scare you. BUT follow up anything like that PRONTO.

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The only way you will know is to get medical advice. Look at yourself in the mirror and try to smile - if your smile is lopsided, or if you can't raise both arms up the same height, or if your speech has got a bit slurred, or anything that might suggest something neurological has happened, then call emergency.


Get down to the Doctors if your frightened your not wasting there time, I used to get sharp pains in my head it was due to the severe headaches I was getting, since the headaches are being controlled a lot better these days it really happens now


Any headaches need investigating. The majority are harmless but it is better to be safe than sorry


Although the brain does not feel pain it is possible to have what might appear to be physical feelings within it. I was having a long unpleasant period of anxiety/depression many years ago with one aspect being at night I would have loud banging,cracking and flashing within the brain. This was most frightening and worrying. I eventually got better and fortunately had no more such experiences, although I did have further occasional bouts of Anxiety and depression, one quite recently. In the early days most doctors had no idea how to treat my condition. But later better understanding by the medical profession and advances in medication I was able to get a good relief from the condition and still do when they do occur. The earlier experiences I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. The condition hasn't shortened my life as I'm now 90.


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