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Best dental guard for teeth grinding?

I've been given a guard to wear at night by the dentist, but I haven't worn it for some time as it's so uncomfortable. It's so hard and puts a lot of pressure on my teeth. I think because I haven't worn it for a little while my teeth have moved and it doesn't fit properly.

I want to find a comfortable rubber one. I've tried one where I had to mould my teeth on the rubber but it didn't work well very.

Has any one got any reviews and experiences with different dental guards?

Many thanks

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I've worn a dental mouth guard for several years now because of bruxism. Mine was moulded and fitted by my dentist (similar procedure to when you have a brace fitted) and I have to say I've never had any problems with it. It does turn a rather unpleasant black colour despite regular cleaning but my dentist says that is normal.

I'm not sure what else to recommend because as I say I've never had a problem with mine.

Margaret :)


I'd go back to the dentist and tell them why you aren't wearing it, so they can have a look and see what needs doing. Also tell them that you would prefer a more flexible one. I think with these things (just like with dentures) you do need to wear them regularly from the beginning or your mouth does change shape and make them uncomfortable.


Further to replies below. Have another made by a dentist. Ask if you can have a soft one, like a boxers gum shield, or a soft/hard one. The ones you can buy on line or in shops, what us dental professionals call 'boil in the bag', are worse than useless if not dangerous as they don't fit properly.


Thank you for all replies.

Do the dentist supply softer guards?

The one I have that was molded to my teeth is so hard, it's really uncomfortable.


Depending on what the dentist considers best for you I'm afraid. But there are three types. First is all hard, made from a material same as dentures are made from but usually clear plastic. Second is a thermo formed material which is all soft. As I said before similar to a boxers gum shield. The disadvantage being if you have severe bruxism, I.e you grind your teeth a lot, you will chew through them quite quickly. The third is a thermo formed material which is soft on the inside, so it's kinder to your teeth and gums, and hard on the outside where your opposing teeth grind against it. So the last one is the best of both worlds, but again will wear out quicker than all hard. Hope this helps. If you are not happy either change dentists or ask for a referral to a dental hospital.


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