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Does anyone know where I can get Palexia tablets in the UK from?


This pill I have researched and have found that it has an 80% success in chronic pain patients.

However, this is not available on the NHS yet as it hasn't been rubber stamped.

I even tried to get into the trial stage, however they said I'm on too high a OxyContin to take me on trial.

This is about the only drug I haven't tried and am hoping someone can help me and tell me where it's available (to even buy)?

I've even tried to find it in the EU but they want something ridiculous like £70 a Box of 24.

Please help! :-(

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I have checked this medication on the NHS list as Palexia, Tapentadol and Nucynta. The NHS does not supply on script, all I can suggest is get your GP to give private scripts and go on the medication selling companies on the internet.

One way you can find out what is happening with this medication is visit NICE website you may be able to find out further information regarding this. If you need to purchase this medication I have not checked it cost. That I leave to you.

This medication has notable contraindications and you would be better to get your practice GP to do further checks because of these.Some of these problems are quite different to other Opiate type medications also it seems to not be recommended if you have certain medical conditions.

It seems a long way around to have this medication. This drug is generally new 2011. so you need to ask yourself why the NHS does not prescribe it

Good luck on your search


Del123 in reply to Hidden

Thanks Bob,

One of my specialists actually said this could be perfect for me. The problem is the NHS have not finished the trials in the UK unlike a lot of places in the EU that have and a lot of people do swear by it.

I'll keep trying as they reckon it's only a matter of time (6/12 months) till it's approved here, but you know 6/12 months in pain is a Long time!!

davidsam67 in reply to Del123

are you still looking for Palexia, Tapentadol is so drop me a email davidsamrichmond

Hi I’m looking for some too how can we get it please

You can get tapentadol on NHS prescription now .

taxi_maicon in reply to Megnstan

My doctor said he hadn't heard of it. Still after 9 years since its inception! It might help if I could ask him to look up the right name for it, cos I know it goes by Tapentadol, Palexia and Nucynta. Anyone know what name is goes by in the UK?

Megnstan in reply to taxi_maicon

The box I have says Tapentadol and the brand name is Palexia .

It's not very well known , my surgeon in London hadnt heard of it.

I had it prescribed by the pain consultant at Southampton

I have slow release morning and night plus an immediate release 50mg tablet for breakthrough pain.

taxi_maicon in reply to Megnstan

I'll mention Tapentadol and Palexia and see what he says. Find it weird they cant find anything on it. I might just have to say I'll buy online if he cant prescribe!

I saw it was available as a private prescription through Mistry's site, provided by Gruanthall I think. Maybe if I mention this I could get him to sign a private prescription for for me to redeem it online?

Thanks for replying.

Del123 in reply to Megnstan

OMG your right, thank you for that ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I had no idea they are both the same.

Now I know what to ask for and might be able to get rid of the Oralmorph as it's not really have much affect recently.

I'll keep you informed as Tapentadol is mainly given short term, how long you been on them?

Megnstan in reply to Del123

I've been on them for over a year, I'd never heard of them until I saw the team at Southampton about the possibility of having a nevro spinal cord stimulator.

They suggested I try them as at the time I was taking tramadol and oramorph for breakthrough pain.

It did take a while to get the right dose I take 150mg slow release morning and night .

I had a fusion done in London about 6 months ago so never went down the spinal cord stimulator route in the end although it's still there if I should need it in the future.

I'm not sure why tapentadol isnt very well known maybe it's the cost I'm not sure.

I'm still taking it now after the fusion which has fixed most of my leg pain but not the back pain.

I was on oxycodone in hospital and for a few weeks after and must admit that was Brilliant at controlling the pain from surgery but not for long term pain although none of these meds are good long term as they lose their effects.

Good luck in getting them it's worth a try.

Del123 in reply to Megnstan

Thanks for the info, seems like your going down my route (god I hope not). When I had the fusion, 3 months later I wet back to the surgeon in Queens Sq, I told them I'm in absolute agony and he told me to give it another 3 months. Anyway, to cut along story short one of the screws had come loose and was rubbing on the nerve which he only apologised when he saw the MRI.

So the also put me on Oxycodone & Oxynorm which I actually stayed on for a year but in the end was messing my brain up. That's when they put in the Medtronic Pain Pump which pumps Hydro-morphine into a catheter in my back which drips direct into the spinal chord 🤢.

I've tried everything even Oral Ketamine, got rid of the pain as all I did was sleep all day😂.

So I'm now going to get Tapentadol thanks to you and see how I get on with that! Can't mess my head up any more than it is, all we want is to get rid of some of the pain at the least, right?

Take care & stay safe,

Del x



Good luck, I will most probably look into it for myself also when these trails will cease, and NICE decides what it wants too do


Look at the forum Painsupport. You will find a thread about this opioid with lots of feedback from chronic pain sufferers in the UK who are using it or who have tried it. It is certainly available now.

Del123 in reply to Calceolaria

Thank you for this info, I will certainly look into this forum, is it on this website?

No, it's a stand alone website; just google it.

If you have been told you are on too high an oxycontin dose to have it, then please accept that advice. The real danger with pain meds, especially the opiates and synthetic opiods like these, is that they can suppress your breathing. This can easily kill you - particularly if it happens overnight when you aren't aware of your breathing. I've known of a couple of people who died because they pushed their total doses of pain meds like these too high, they stopped breathing, and their hearts gave out.

If you need your pain meds to work better, then you need to be under the care of a pain management doctor and follow their instructions to the letter. Adding in new things on top of what you already take isn't likely to work any better. Completely changing the way you take pain meds under the supervision of a specialist may well mean better pain relief for less pills.

Del123 in reply to earthwitch

Hi there and many thanks for your comments, however, I think you might have misunderstood my situation.

I am under pain management and specialist whom actually advised that I try and get Palaxia (as mentioned above not under NHS yet).

It will be them in fact who will re-shuffle my medication once purchased, but thanks for the concern anyway :-)


If you are still looking there is a place you can get palexia sr 50mg (tapentadol) for £25 for 28 prolonged-release tablets

drop me a line at

Hi I really can recommend Tapentadol (palexia) as being excellent pain meds, they work fine and I had trouble getting them at first and I use them with pregabalin and as long as I do not move too much then they work fine but sadly like all meds the benefits can taper off after a while, I did not know they were expensive ,I thought my GP was putting me off, sorry about your problem but maybe after the trials they will be freely available , I must thank my GP and clinic for giving me them.

Hope this helps Del123, best Alex

Hi Del123,

I have been taking this med since last Autumn, prescribed originally by a pain management specialist but now on repeat from my GP. It does have to be ordered in to chemist tho and is of course a controlled drug.

My GP did ask last time I saw her who prescribed it but when I told her she just continued with the prescription. My understanding is that GPs can prescribe if original prescription instructed by a Consultant

Hope this helps


are you still looking for Palexia, Tapentadol is so drop me a email davidsamrichmond

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