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Wrist pain

In 2006 i went to see the specialist as my wrist had become that painful that when i tried to write, cut up my food, put weight through it, i would get this tight band around it and it would keep getting more and more tighter, like somebody had put a rubber band around it and then started to twist it tighter and tighter.

After lots of x-rays, MRI's, you name it they did it, the decided to remove my scaphoid and do a 4 corner wrist fusion to try and sort the problem out, sadly after the op, the pain and the problems where still there.

The pain in it got worse over the years so i went back to see the specialist again, and this time he said lets see if i can remove the plate and shave down the forearm bones a little to see if that makes any difference, after breaking a couple of screwdrivers trying to remove the plate they gave up on that idea, but did shave the bones down.

I am used to being in pain with it on a scale of 1-10 i would say the pain was around a 5, and when i tried to use it, it would go up to around an 8.

My problem now is that the pain is now around an 8 all the time, and every turn or movement in my wrist is painful, that i am actually kind of locking my wrist as much as possible to try and ease the pain a bit.

I am worried that i might need the next op which would be a total wrist fusion, but how do i convince the specialist to do it, when all the other op's have not helped with the pain before.

I am 38 years of age, trying to find a job that i can do because of this problem, and everytime i seem to get that 1 step forward my wrist loves to knock me back 2.

I am scared and worried about this, because i do not have the support of my own gp's, they see a 6'4 guy walk in and think that i am making up the pain, and my wrist is not as bad as i am saying, the dole just want me to take the 1st job that comes up, or they are going to send me on a 6 months community placement (last time they sent me to a recycling plant, where i did more damage to my wrist) I just wish i knew what to do :-(

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Looking at what you have written it seems that no one has checked the tension of the muscle in your forearm or the the small muscles in your wrist. See if your GP can send you to someone who can untense the muscles in your wrist and the muscles in your forearm. You may have to pay for a sports massager to do this.

If you have this done see if it makes or does not make a difference.


hi john we have tried to do massage on it, and it has had no effect on it sadly, i have seen the gp, who has straight away sent me back to see the specialist so waiting for the appointment to come through


I thought i would update what has happened to me since, i got sent back to see the specialist in jan, i saw a different doctor who said lets see if an injection would help, let me just go an check with the main man, the next thing the main man himself walks in and asks how does the 25th of feb sound, i was like, that is a long time to wait for an injection, he laughed and said no, i mean for your op.

I was gobsmacked the next thing this young nurse pops her head around the curtain and asks can i fill this for her? (sample bottle) so i asked her if she ment from here, she blushed me and the doc laughed, she then said she was going to do all my pre ops today.

Had the op on the 25th feb, in a lot of pain after it. Lucky for me they did not have to take any bone grafts from my hips, they also where able to leave the spider plate in, so have placed the total wrist fusion plate over the top, so i now have another 12 screws and a new metal plate holding my right wrist still.

I went to see the doc, to see how things where going, i have still been getting the tightness around the wrist, thought it might be because of the bones fusing, and was in the cast, had the cast removed, been told that it could be because of the soft tissues being tight so to try and massage the soft tissue to release it.

Have been doing as i am told (i know makes a change) but i still have this tightness, now the problem is there is nothing in my wrist that can move, so there should be nothing that can cause this tightness, but i still have it, so do not know what is going to happen next ?????


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