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ENT appointment

Appoint on Friday with ENT. Hopefully I will get some help or at least know a bit more about my bppv. As this will be my first visit it might just be taken up with being assessed and finding the best course of treatment.

To be honest I am at the stage now when even just stand causes me to stagger. Family always accompany when i am out as need to hold them for support. I sometimes wonder if a walking stick might help.

Well wish me luck as I strike out into to the unknown.

hugs and have a good day

Liz :)

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ENT confirmed that I do have bppv. They also did a hearing and another test which escapes me at the moment. Oh it was a pressure test. I had the Epley Manoeuvre preformed, it was scary as they made me lie and watched my reaction as my eyes flickered to and fro in an effort to stop the room moving. Then I lay on my side with my head looking to the floor, again my eyes flickered, we waited till it stopped then I sat up and it started again this time going up and Down.

Now my ears feel weird, like they are full.

They also want to send me for either a CAT scan or an MRI

Hugs Liz


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