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OT appointment disappointing

I was looking forward to my appointment with the OT, really hoped it would provide good pain relief ideas and ways to cope at work and with daily life. But another person who just didn't listen. So disappointing. She said I'm already doing the guarding, joint protection techniques she would suggest. Well of course I am, if one position hurts you find one that doesn't hurt so much!! I've already found different ways to hold a cup, a book etc! She said the wrist guards I'm using are better than ones she would make. Sh did at least give me specific exercises to do!

And I am so fed up with people only looking at one part of me. I've seen different people for my thumbs, my wrists, my heels, my toes!! Who do I see about my ankle?? Where's the holistic care we are meant to be provided with? Even the rheumatologist refered me to a hand surgeon, and discharged me!

End of rant! Thanks for being there for me to rant to.

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The only experience I've had with OT, they came to my home, provided loads of equipment and organised my bathroom to be refurbished and signed off and approved all the costs. So no help with pain or anything?


Yip thats howvi felt with mine. I said to hervthat even with the aides I have, my mobility off gettingvaround is still poor.

Well, she has signed me off. Got a letter the other week, saying that they have done all they can, it's now up too the next depart5 on who is treating me the now.

I feel as usual they like to pass the buck.



Well, rowantree, it is reassuring that what you are doing is right. OTs provide functional help and their main focus is making life easier. A spin off from that should be less pain. But less pain is not their main priority to address. They try and make sure you are working and living in an environment that is healthy, ergonomic and safe for you.

If you want hollistic treatment see some alternative therapists. They are extremely good at looking at the body and mind as a whole entity and make links with aches and pains, treat the root of the problem rather than the symptom. They make you feel good too.

Example: I have pelvic and disc problems. Occasionally I get a shooting pain in my left leg. GP advised this was coming from my hip (logical thought) and not much he could do about it. On seeing my bowen therapist, she discovered an inflamed joint in the right foot, (where the little toe joins the foot) which was not producing any pain until she started manipulating it. I had noticed an aching in my feet and not thought much of it. The right hip pain was compensation pain from an alteted walking pattern.

General comment : We are free to make choices and take control. Either we continue to go the NHS where GPs and Consultants provide a luke warm service with very little help or we go to the alternative therapists and get what we want and need. But what we can't do is then complain about the service we have chosen, because we chose it, it didn't choose us. Its simple cause and effect.

The dramatic increase in alternative therapists over the last few years should be an indication that these are needed and help so many people, otherwise they wouldn't be in business during a recession. Nobody on here has ever moaned about an alternative therapist. Yes, it takes a while to find the right one for you, but you are learning each time you visit one, because you ask questions. Many request little or no use of painkillers because they need to know how your body reacts, and over time, they can sort your body out, reduce stress, and suggest new ways to do things. And above all, its a nice relaxing experience, the complete opposite of anything NHS based.

Then you tell your GP that you are using alternative therapists because they help significantly and unfortunately the NHS is failing you. Very important data for researchers, and they will only find it if it is recorded.


As usual, agree with you Zanna. Alternative therapy is expensive however and not everyone can afford it. Having chronic pain s expensive full stop - all the little things you have to do to keep going! For example, Im sure I wouldn't qualify for a blue badge by I now have to park in the much more expensive car parks in city centres where once I used the arches and wasteland sites and walked the rest of the way. At least I can still drive. If only I could stand up straight ! That would be truly wonderful !


I don't want to spend money on alternative therapies that might not work. It's such a waste of money, until you find one that does work of course! But I could spend hundreds before I find one that works, and who has that spare anyway?


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