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Chronic Hip tendonitis

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Hi everyone,

I was diagnosed with hip tendonitis earlier this year after suffering with pain in my hips since June last year. Though it is better compared to what it was last year, I am having trouble completely shaking it and it is affecting my life. Has anyone else suffered for such a prolonged period with tendonitis and if so, have you been able to eventually overcome it? The rheumo says he's done all he can with me and bar surgery (which is too extreme) there is nothing more he can do. I know things could be much worse but I also suffer from upper and lower back pain and it's just really wearing me down as I haven't been able to live the same life I used to and I'm concerned it will never leave me. Does anyone have any advice?

Many thanks in advance.

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So sorry you are in so much pain. You are in the club that nobody wants to be in!! Does your consultant think you should have an op, if he/she does why don't you see what it entails. Just a thought. Please take care of yourself. Love and hugs Lynne xxxx

I would say if you can afford it is book an appointment with a private physio.

This way you can get a full diagnosis.... not so much for tendinitis as you already know about that but there could be other things adding to your pain. There could be shortening of muscles or trigger points around the area, especially if you have been compensating with your posture to try and reduce your pain. I also have frequent hip pain due to problems in my spine. A physio will also make suggestions of exercises to do to help support your hip.

I will say if you do have trigger points in your hip/ bottom area it can be a bit painful especially if they are big and deep ones but omg you will feel so much better afterwards... trust me. Just grit your teeth while the physio working on it.

I’m suggesting a private physio rather than a nhs one just as I’ve found nhs physios less hands on n more exercise based n sometimes you just need hands on work to break things like trigger points up

Just to say if you do see a physio trigger points can be in a different place to your pain as they do refer pain to different areas, like one in your lower back could refer to your hip or other way round. A physio will know where they are.

Good luck finding some relief


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Madlegs1 in reply to Joanne1972

I found dry needling very effective. A good physical therapist who has experience with this procedure should be able to sort you.

I agree with Joanne you need to have it continuously worked on a couple days a week for a month for sure and manage exercise routine changing it from where your body is at. It may take sometime but you may find if you spend the money & diligence it pays off. If you get a good practitioner. Go to one that works with higher end sports teams you can look at their bios online often in their profiles for the physio office you go too. They see this stuff more and know how to get in there. I had arthroscopic hip surgery I waited a long time for it so I got that it moved around but over time I got better. Stick with it it can get worse sometimes fall backs but doesn’t mean not progressing just diff compensations as you’re more active.

An physiotherapist should be able to help you increase the range of movement in the joint. The excersises will probably hurt to start with.

Hi katherine200

I agree with the the others a good private PHISIO. I also feel that the ones you have been seeing were very poor to turn you away with out assisting you with further option's. A good phiso and regular exercise.Painfull but believe me worth it. Sadzak

I'm 89 and occasionally my left hip starts hurting. I take Baxyl (hyaluronic acid) and on those days my hip hurts, I take 1 tsp instead of the usual 1/2 tsp of Baxyl. Within a few hours, the pain goes away.

Read up on Baxyl - it replaces the cushioning in our joints that we lose as we age. It helps other things, too; skin and eyes. Expensive but well worth the money. I've taken it every day for at least 10 years....I swear by it. Here's a link to the Cogent Solutions site:

Hi everyone,

Thanks for your replies. I probably should have added a bit more detail to my last post. My rheumo did put me on some prescribed drugs which didn’t make a difference and I had injections into the affected errors which again didn’t make much of a dent. I have been undergoing physio through my health insurer and have tried acupuncture over the last month or so. Again, I don’t think this has had a massive impact. Overall, things have been improving; I’m just concerned that given the length of time that this has been going on that the hip tendonitis may never fully resolve itself and I didn’t know if anyone had been in a similar situation. My back pain is chronic so it would be nice not to have something else added to that list.

I fully understand where you are coming from. Im in a similar boat to you and rheumo are wondering if its fibromyalgia.

Have you been on autoimmune suppressing drugs from rheumo?

Hi Hawkin,

Thanks for your reply. No, the medications I went on were just bog standard anti-inflammatory drugs. A lot of literature I see online seems to suggest that tendonitis clears up in a few months. I don’t understand why it’s still hanging around 15 months on. I hope things get better for you.

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