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Langerhans cell histiocytosis

My 8yr old was complaining of pain in her thigh beginning of September, took her to doctors, couldn't find anything wrong, the pain went on a cpl of weeks, then the bottom of her left leg started sticking out the more she walked, back to doctors then hospital, scan & X-ray showed nothing, bloods showed an infection, kept in for an mri in the morning, had another in the afternoon which showed she had an infection in the muscle on her pelvic bone, caused by an injury which turned out to be a classmate rammed a table into her, week of antibiotics done nothing so had to get surgery, surgeon said it was the worst he's seen, they found a hole in her hip bone near the socket, 2 more weeks of antibiotics in hospital, she got home with 4 weeks worth of antibiotics, 1 week to go, had hospital yesterday for X-ray, bones healing but she's not to walk too much, been using a wheelchair the last 6 weeks, then doctor told me she has langerhans cell histiocytosis, got appt with oncologist on Monday, so hoping he will fill me in on everything that's going to happen now, she's never been a sick kid, hates medicine, only kid I know who hates calpol, so nurse had to give her tablets for pain relief, she's even better than her 19yr old sister at taking pills, just hope we get some good news on Monday for once

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Hi Pam,

I'm sorry to hear that your daughter has langerhans cell histiocytosis. Looking on the web, the outlook looks as if it can work out well for her.

It must be hard for you as a family and all I can really say is that you are in my thoughts.

with my best wishes for the future



Thanks Annie, just have to wait and see what oncologist says Monday & find out what other tests they're doing apart from mri, then hopefully after next X-ray in December she'll be allowed to walk again. x


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