Head pain

Head pain

Hi there, I get quick sharp pain on my right side once in a blue moon then sometimes on my left side. Just today I've been getting pain just at the back right of my head ( top half) but this has been lasting all day and into the night. I've played rugby league for a long time where I have been knocked out and concussed a lot. Would this have anything to do with it and does anyone know what this could mean? I have been skipping the doctors but with it going on all day is strange. I also want to go for a scan. Thanks

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  • Hello spooks82

    I think you have answered your own question... yes .go to the doctors. You say you have been concused before. No medical advice then I take it? Tut tut!

    Rugby Union fan mmyself but guess league has as nuch contact? You may have a scar inside your head which is preesing causing headaches but only doctor can help.

    As for scans - he is the one who will refer you onwards.

    If it is giving a bad headache there are plenty of good over the counter meds. Ask your pharmacist. And wear a crash helmet in future!

    Pat x

  • Hi Pat, thank you. I should have gone ages ago.

  • Yes you should have!

    Now make that appointment and I want to hear what Doc says. Please!


  • i have had these pains for nearly a year tests ruled out giant cell arteria or tmj i have never played rugby so i cant blame that doctors now think its neuralgia but honestly i dont feel they know enough to give you an honest answer ibruprofen helps heat pad on side of head gives aid as well.

    take care


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