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CRPS-pain meds or no pain meds that is the question ?

I have had CRPS for nearly 4 years and have tried so many pain meds and had differant combinations some worked better than others and some didn't help at all. Well actually none took the pain away of course as we all no when you have this pain syndrome nothing really helps or if it does it's usually short lived. I have come off lots of meds and felt better in my head but my body hurts ten fold so my question to you all is that is it better to have meds and be in pain or be off the meds and be in pain ?

I want to hear what you all have to say about this please.....

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Hi chowner, i ask myself this all the time but at the end of the day its your choice to do what you can manage. I have tried so many pain meds over the last three years that i found they all had side effects which are hard to cope with and the pain is still there. All pain meds should be taken for around six weeks or so to see if side effects settle down or not. For me i stayed on tramadol as and when needed and maybe the odd codien when having a flare up. My brain is no longer fuzzy which enables me to do things again but the pain is still there. I manage this through pacing and trying to keep busy to keep my mind off the pain. I drive my poor husband nuts and cant keep still for long lol. Just try a few things and find out what works for you. Don't get me wrong because i struggle all the time with pain but most pain meds will take the edge off pain and not get rid of it completely so there's no point taking heavy doses and being off your head as well if you dont need to be.


Hi Chawner, I have constant pain all over my body including constant headache. I have neurological manifestations of coeliac disease and an ataxic gait which affects my mobility. I haven't been diagnosed with crps they still leave me with the impression they think its all in my head (the pain that is). I dont take any pain meds as I have taken lots of overdoses in the past and dont trust myself to have that kind of temptation in the house. Its taken a long time but on the whole I cope and now find I can push my self to do a little gardening and other things which really aggrevates the pain but I then feel I've got a reason to be in pain and can see I've achieved something. I dont see any point in taken anything when it doesn't help but we each have to find our own solutions. Hope this helps, best wishes Vera.


In theory it is better to damp down as much pain as possible because the


sorry .....

CNS gets over sensitised by pain signals and in turn the pain gets worse over time. So in theory finding some meds that suit the body and damp down some pain and also using techniques such as relaxation, meditation, physio etc to damp down as much as poss is all that is available to chronic pain sufferers at present. Not really what we want to hear I know!


I don't take painkillers. I do take anti-inflamatories like erythromycin on occassion. This is an antibiotic with very good anti inflammatory effects. Google for more details.

I use a regime of McTimony Chiropractic, Alexander Technique, Mindfulness, Meditation and T'ai Chi.

I need all of them because they do different things in regard to pain relief activity.

The McTimony Chiropractic helps with muscle spasms. Alexander Technique helps with posture. Mindfulness and Meditation with body observation and removing emotional attachment to pain which makes pain worse. T'ai Chi helps with the ability to move without making the pain worse.

Hope this helps


Hi i had an accident four years ago and was finally diagnosed about a month a go with CRPS. I have been on a combination of meds which i agree dont make a major difference, pregabalin has been my most effective. I hate taking meds so when i believe ive got to a copable pain level i drop the dose right down or come of them.

ive suffered so many side effects from all the meds i have been on, my memory has suffed i cant remeber things and often forget what i was doing or meant to be doing.

What i have found does help is physiotherapy, using a tens machine (there are some days i would not be able to stand if i hadn't got one) exercise with low dose of meds if you feel you need it .

there isnt a cure but i believe if you can learn to manage it and know some of your triggers you can avoid a few of the bad flare ups. Excercise it releases endorphins the happy hormone which can help your pain. lifting a cup of tea can be a trigger for me so everyone is different.

is there not a local pain management support group near you? Contact your local neurophschologist and see if they know. Knowing people understand what your going through.

Hope you can manage your pain


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