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Newly off Fentanyl Duragesic and all meds. Yeeee haaa!!

Newly off Fentanyl Duragesic and all meds. Yeeee haaa!!

I am very recently off Fentanyl Duragesic. I worked so hard for almost 2 years, beginning to taper from 275mcg/hr. Plus heavy duty break through meds, had been off for one full year. "Let us not talk falsely now, the hour is getting late". I feel so freaking duped by Big Pharma. Never again will I accept something like this for non cancer pain. So glad I could do this without having to travel unless I wanted too. I just feel ignorant because my old pain doctor had his political career take off as I decided to taper. Now nutrition and cannabis is just fine with me. I never did like any influence other then what I decide for myself!!

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Hey there that's great keep on going strong! Unfortunately here on the other side of the big pond will never get the opportunity not at this rate! We just have to keep on receiving what they give us for pain. It's just a shame that pain and suffering is big business in most countries - at the end of the day all you are is a number that fills the pharma greed !

Best of luck

Frank D


You were never ignorant so please don't feel that way. It really stinks that so many doctors are so heavily influenced and motivated by anything other than providing their patients with the compassionate, good quality care they deserve. I'm extremely fortunate that I have a pain doc who is amazing and listens to me when I tell I don't wish to be drugged out of my mind. I can function on the protocols he provides and we create them together. He listens and considers all options.

Despite having had cancer and subsequent lapses in remission, I've never been on OxyContin or anything stronger. Most opiates I find don't control pain well enough to warrant them in my case, especially as they tend to work paradoxically for me. I have acute pain from latent cancer treatment and a multitude of autoimmune issues I won't bore you with but I'm constantly making adjustments to deal with it and that's fine. It's the nature of the beast. These days if I see pharmacy salemen in a doctor's office more than once, I run like mad. I've been to doctors who had a nonstop stream of them regardless of day or time and I quickly learned they're not the doc for me. Especially when there are patients waiting to be seen.

So happy to hear you were able to get off of everything. Keep up the good work and good health!!!!


That's brilliant news... I'd be interested to learn about how you sorted out the nutrition angle, if you could tell me please... and I've got a feeling that we can get some hemp based products here in the u.k. I know a lot of people do benefit from cannabis... but i'm also aware that for 'some' people ... it can affect their mental stability with long term and heavy use.



Hi GS :)

Congrats! I am so glad you have a regamin that is working for and most importantly is true for you. I wish continued success for you.



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