Severe memory problems

Hey everyone! I am fifteen years old and lately my memory problems have been getting really awful. Literally I am like a person with Dementia but I'm too young to have one, so if you have any suggestions please share! I am constantly making errors and mistakes, for example i would say something like "cherry apple pie" but mean only cherry pie and not notice for a long time unless i recheck what i've said. My short term memory is completely awful, i often misplace things and then get angry and even ask other people like my mom where they've put it. Recalling is the worst. I would get stuck on a word or an event that i want to remember and my mind goes completely blank for more than ten seconds, i am not kidding. I rarely recall it. I would be walking somewhere or thinking about something and all of a sudden- wait, where am i walking and what am i even thinking about?! It's scary a lot of times. I have to recheck stuff like stoves or doors of fridges and yeah you get the idea. Sorry if this all sounds messy, I have trouble explaining things. Honestly, I'm not sure if i've had these problems in a bit less-severe form before these two months or so..So yeah, any suggestions?

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  • Hi I think this is something you should talk to your mom about, because she is the only one that can get you the help you need. I hope everything is OK !

  • Yes, I did and she told me that everything is fine with me, which is not at all true...But I will try to make her get an appointment to the doctor soon..

  • Aww being a Mom sometimes we don't want to believe thst theres is something wrong with our babies just pushing the issue with Mom

  • Are you on any regular medicines? Ask your mum to get you to your doctor to discuss, it could be stress overload if you're studying a lot maybe? Hope you get sorted x

  • I don't take any medicine right now, but it might be stress, my family and I moved to Germany recently.

  • My memory was awful at the start, it is fine again now. You will get it back with the right care.

  • Hiiiii

    you are 50 and Im still 37 and Im exactly such as you...I went to a dr and it said it can be because of lack of vitamins and also because of depression and stresses...exactly I walked and said where is here why Im walking where Iam going to what I was thinking about...I decide to eat and I go to kitchen ..when Im in kitchen I said why Im here what I was deciding to do...I closed the door but I forgot if I close it or not...yes..Im exactly as you are...but the dr said it can be even because of a shock..because of stresses...because of diabetes if you suffered by..many diseases can have this find the source and be relaxed because it just need to be far from stresses...

  • Thank you very much for the comment, but I said I was fifTEEN :D

  • oh dearest:)) so sorry I skimed the text because I am at work..misunderstanding...accept my apologizes

  • You need your Dr to check your Vitamin B12 serum & active levels ,folate ,ferritin,MMA,homocysteine .Low b12 can cause brain fog,memory loss,autism & many more conditions.If your b12 is below 500 you need supplementsSadly my hubby & I were misdiagnosed due to b12 level in normal range we both had memory loss.

  • I'd agree with everything Marylyn said, but would add thyroid function testing to the list - memory loss is a common symptom with hypothyroidism. And low vitamin D can cause lots of problems too.

    Make sure you get copies of your blood test results including the reference ranges then do some research on the results. In the UK (as an example) you can get a result like Ferritin = 14 mcg/L (Ref Range : 13 - 150) and be told by doctors that this is normal. And yet you might not feel well unless your ferritin is mid-range.

  • ....and check for coeliac disease (gluten sensitivity) - that made me incredibly brain-fogged in the years before I was diagnosed, as well as being the cause of my low B12, iron and folate.

  • You are too young to have problems like this. When I was young and all my life really, I've never been any good at remembering short term but always had good long term memory but I did find as I was getting into my 20's that crosswords and puzzles helped me a lot so keep your brain active and also try and eat vitamin b foods. Bananas are very good and ginger is very good for circulation plus green vegetables. I find that animal fats make me sluggish so I try and limit these.

    I do hope that you will find your way in getting better and wish you good luck in everything you do.

  • Low or low within the blood range B12 and Low thyroid (hypothyroidism,) can be causes of 'brain fog' do google them both to check for yourself.

    B12 and Hypothyroidism mimic each other.

    On here (HealthUnlocked,) (if you wish,) go to communities above in the green bar and you can find Thyroid UK and PAS (Pernicious Anemia Society). I belong to many of these sites on here to help my family members with their health problems.

    Also along with B12 and thyroid bloods other bloods to consider are vitamin D, iron, ferritin (stored iron) and folate, being low or deficient in these can also cause problems HikaruAru.

  • I agree with Cath. I am sure that people who know you, family, friends, teachers etc. would have noticed forgetfulness, vacant moments and behaviour that would suppose a dementia.A visit to your Doctor would be the most helpful step. Could it be that have yet to settle in your new place and to get to know other people? Polly

  • Don't panic. You are 15 going through the brain reorganisation that takes place at puberty.

    Look at your sleep regime are you getting enough sleep?

    Your body is probably having a growth spurt so the brain is having to divert its attention to the change in body space to make sure you don't trip over your feet as your legs are not the same length as they were last week.

    Part of the issue of growing up is you begin to notice things that you never noticed before.

    Have a chat with the school nurse and find some excuse to visit the GP for a chat and reassurance. You are in embarrassing territory so it will be rather difficult to talk to your parents.

    Hope this helps.

  • Allergies, get tested, have you been tested for learning disabilities, talk with your physician with your parents or guardians help , good luck

  • Is a definite possibility that you have Attention Deficit Disorder. You should talk to your doctor about screening for this. I know it is a lot of times a quick fix diagnosis and many times meds are just thrown at kids because of that, but, it is a real thing. I speak from personal experience. Both as a mom with 2 out of my 3 kids having this as well as myself having this. When you get on the correct medication and correct dosage (if this is the correct diagnosis) you will see a world of difference. I hope you find your answers whatever they may be.

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