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Weight gain with lyrica pregabalin

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I barely eat at all but I look fat and bloated and I've had to stick to baggy clothes because all of my others are too tight. I'm not anorexic, I just feel so nauseous eating is a real problem and I'm tired of people thinking I'm a blob when I eat so little my GP has prescribed fortijuice once a day just to get some nourishment into me. I feel as if I'm going crazy with the other side effects - exhaustion, mind fog, unsteady gait, increased anxiety - and most worrying, the suicidal thoughts. They're not like planning and thinking, it just comes over you as if killing yourself is a logical thing to do. Stepping out infront of a car though this would never have been something I'd have done because of the effect on other people. Anyone else have these problems?

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Yes, lots of people unfortunately.

Do you think it is having any positive effect? Any at all? Enough to make it worth the list of side-effects you have described? Which are all well known side-effects of pregabalin by the way.

It took me over 2 years to get off it because I couldn't reduce it by more than a few mg a month and was on the maximum dose. Not sure it ever did anything beneficial, so maybe I’m slightly biased, but for me - NEVER AGAIN!


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I should probably add that suicidal ideation *and* activation are frighteningly common with pregabalin. Given that this includes lots of people that would usually think like you do (that it’s a bad idea), I might suggest that the fact you have been feeling like that is enough reason on its own to stop taking it. Obviously in conjunction with your GP - but be aware that your GP is highly likely to be blissfully unaware of the issues that pregabalin can cause. And that is not just my experience, but most definitely has been my experience.

And also be aware that it can be difficult to taper off. The longer you have been on it and the higher the dose, the worse generally. But I forgot to take it only a few weeks after starting taking it and woke up thinking I was dying. Took another 6 months of repeated incidents before I realised it happened when I forgot to take it in the evening. Surprisingly easy to do when your brain is addled with numerous, strong drugs and you are in pain. Not one doctor even considered that it may be to do with the pregabalin, I figured that out myself.

I didn’t get the weight gain, but loads do. Some say it drops off when they stop it.

Not trying to scare you, just my own experience of taking it.


I have been on so many different medications,lyrica and pregabalin were the only two that didnt agree with me,i just couldnt function on them.I felt so many different things ,i cant even explain how i was.We are all test subjects when it comes to drugs.I know about 8 people who are on these 2 meds and they are fine.Sometimes some medications jyst dont agree with some of us.

Hiya, I too agree that the suicidal thoughts are reason enough to stop it. Does your GP know about these? They are a known side-effect though many (including myself) don't get these. Basically if the negative effects outweigh the benefits then I would say you need to see your GP and see about changing to something else. All the best.

Hi, I am still on Pregabaline for two years now, before that I was on Lyrica for one year almost. Lyrica use to give me shakes in body and weakness so my Gp change me on Pregabaline.

I have gain lots of weight, but always think that was because of all the steroids injection that I had in my spine.

I reduced from five months ago the Pregabaline by myself (I don't know if its wise without my Gp knowing about it..) So no, I take just one pill of 300mg before sleep (to help me with the pain).

First week after cutting down the morning Pregabaline was terrible because of the dependency, with lots of stiky sweat and headache. But now I am fine and I have lost 5 kg in 4months

I am not sure if is because of the Pregabaline reduction or is because of my liver problems..

You should definitely talk with your Gp about all your problems and your depression. Your depression (like mine), can be also because your life is changed, because the pain is ripping from you all the good things, because the life in pain is so devastating...

You must be strong and fight with all those demon's that pain is bringing into your life.

Take care.

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PFKAAde in reply to monikoki

Hi monikoki

Lyrica and Pregabalin are the same drug (pregabalin is the generic name for it).

Weight gain is more likely the Pregabalin as steroids injected into the spine won’t cause weight gain in the same way that (long-term) oral steroids would, for example. Having been on oral steroids and having had (multiple) steroid injections, the injections didn’t cause any of the side-effects that the oral ones do.


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monikoki in reply to PFKAAde

Thanks for the reply. I didn't know until now the difference between them.

Thank you 😍

As far as I am aware Lyrica and Pregabalin are one and the same drug. It is just a bit confusing reading the above responses. I am on Pregabalin and it comes in boxes marked Lyrica and then in small letters underneath it says pregabalin. Neither here nor there I know. Anyway I do get dark thoughts myself at times and have to check myself when I do. I have also put on about 5 kilo's which make me look a bit chubby which is very annoying as I like you do not seem to shift it even though I eat less.

However if your thoughts are too dark and you cannot shift them then I think it is time to have an urgent word with your doctor.

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PFKAAde in reply to Emma2017

Lyrica is the brand name for the generic drug pregabalin.

Pregabalin has been available in generic form in the UK for a few years. The patent was extended in the US and so the generic was not available as soon. As far as I know it is now available in the US and the rest of the world.

Pregabalin / Lyrica has a ‘sister’ drug called gabapentin which is older and less potent, but acts in a similar way on the brain. Hope that helps.


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Emma2017 in reply to PFKAAde

Thanks for that. So basically it is one and the same thing but because it was not available as pregabalin in the US people may have thought they were put on another drug when they saw their new lot of medicine.

Yeah I am aware of the less potent sister drug Gabapentin as I was on that one to start with but it messed with my eyesight. Funnily enough I have been ok on Pregabalin on that score.

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PFKAAde in reply to Emma2017

There does seem to be some confusion over Lyrica, pregabalin, gabapentin and the supplement form gaba.

Lyrica = pregabalin, the others are different. All act on (or are) the neurotransmitter ‘gaba’. Whether this does anything good is open to debate!

Not for me, that’s for sure...


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Emma2017 in reply to PFKAAde

I gathered pregabalin and lyrics were the same. On the other hand I thought when people mentioned gaba they just referred to gabapentin but that is not so then.

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PFKAAde in reply to Emma2017

They probably usually do mean gabapentin, but ‘gaba’ is actually a neurotransmitter. The drugs with ‘gab’ in the name act on this neurotransmitter, one way or another.

When people on here say ‘gaba’ they probably almost always mean gabapentin, but it is worth knowing that there is a difference and what it is.

People often mix up Lyrica / pregabalin, gabapentin and gaba. So it’s worth knowing that they aren’t necessarily the same thing.


Hi there. I was on Pregabalin for a year and in that time gained 2 stone! I have no idea whether or not it did any good for the pain. I have a feeling that any perception that it is helpful is a placebo effect. I say that because it feels better to be taking something than trying to cope with it alone. I fully accept that I am as guilty of this as anyone. As for your thoughts of hurting yourself, that is not something you should ignore for a minute longer. You should speak with your GP right away. I use the word 'with' because this whole 'journey' has to be always a joint decision between you and your GP. A good GP will accept that you are more knowledgeable than her/him when it comes to your fibro and you will work out a plan together. Having an understanding GP and continuity with the same one is essential I believe. XX🥀

I have been taking Pregabalin for 11 years ,and i haven`t had any of these symptoms,but everybody is different.Go and see your GP,but don`t just stop taking this drug.It has to be done gradually.Good luck anyway.

Hi Adanaya

I too have been on Lyrica for 12 years. I now have blood cancer, got it about the same time as the ongoing incapacitating pain kicked in. I would like you to read my recent comments under MPN Voice. It is all written under the same name Annagarcia. Thank you for your post, it is comforting when one understands and has true empathy for the journey we travel. Anna X

Got to


It sounds like the drug is not agreeing with you. You need to come off it slowly. The above website knows alot about issues of coming off drugs. And the suicidal thoughts some drugs produce.

With the suicidal thoughts. It may be a body posture thing. Find some videos of ballets and watch the movements of the dancers and copy their flowiness. It is an experiment to see and notice how it changes your mood.

Anxiety is also a posture body movement thing. We feel anxiety in the body. The brain takes the messages from the body and interpretes them. So change the body posture and the anxiety can reduce in scale. There are still good reasons to be anxious and these are indications that you need to skill yourself to deal with the issues you are facing.

You need to start to learn to investigate yourself. This way you can develop ways of predicting how, what will happen when you do particular things. Meditation and mindfulness are good tools for doing this. You local Buddhist group should be helpful in this regard.

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